Park Escape Chapter 5 Walkthrough


In Park Escape Chapter 5, innocent children still await someone who could rescue them from a deadly villain. They are hoping you who possesses unique detective and puzzle-solving skills. In the previous 4 chapters, both detectives have faced lots of challenges and came out from the death’s mouth. Still, they never gave up and aim to find missing children by solving a complicated mystery. Click on the given link to read the Walkthroughs of the Park Escape video game. If you find locating missing children a difficult process, then let us jump in to help you with our Park Escape Chapter 5 Walkthrough.

Park Escape Walkthrough – Chapter 5

Surely, you would be familiar with the Sewage Tunnels you might have experienced back in Park Escape Chapter 4. Once again, the game takes you to the same place and leaves you there for a while to find the missing objects. Finding hidden objects isn’t an easy task because the game won’t provide you any list of hidden objects. Therefore, you should follow the steps mentioned in the guide of Park Escape Chapter 5 to find solutions.

In Park Escape Chapter 5, you are going to experience a new thing that you haven’t experience before. This time, you have an option to choose the character from available, because both characters have left each other to solve the case quickly. The game features their faces next to the setting. Tapping the character’s face may not only change the plot but the location also.

  • Click on the male detective and start finding a hidden object. As you tap on the image, the game takes you out of the cage where you discover a bench with a doll.
  • Upon investigating the doll, you discover a telescope from its hands.
  • Click on the right side to collect pure water and add it to your inventory.
  • There is a small hut next to a tower and you have to click on its right side to discover a fountain. On the left side of the fountain, there is a generator covered with a plastic sheet. Tap on the sheet to remove it. Leave the place and move to the right side of the fountain to find hidden objects.

  • On the right side, the game features a blue cradle that holds sodium bicarbonate for you to collect.
  • Click on the sodium bicarbonate and combine it with water to get a new item (Sodium Bicarbonate Solution).
  • After collecting all items as mentioned above, you should swap the characters to find the rest of the hidden objects.

Play as a Female Detective

Tapping the icon of the detective may lead you to a sewerage tunnel where you have to continue your journey of finding hidden objects.

  • Click on a tunnel of your left side to discover a new area and collect a waterproof cloth and a scotch tape kept near the locker. While finding hidden objects, don’t forget to collect a bucket hanging amidst the level.
  • Leave the area by merely clicking on the back button and explore the right side of the tunnel to see what it contains for you to find.
  • From the sewerage line, you may discover a plastic stick that will be added to your inventory automatically.
  • After getting a plastic stick, you should go to the tunnel where you have seen a massive door. Use a plastic stick from your inventory to bring a chisel down from above the door.

  • On the left side of the tunnel, there are some blocks that you must investigate and keep the dots drawn on them in mind.
  • Explore the tunnels and head to all towers for the collection of missing tiles. Go to the area and place the missing tiles there to collect a ladder.
  • Visit the right place to discover a hole and keep the ladder you collected recently over there.

Swap the Character

You should leave the sewerage tunnel for a while because the game features a light puzzle and connected its origin with a lighthouse. Therefore, swap the character and tap on the lighthouse after selecting a telescope from your inventory.

  • Watch through the telescope to the lighthouse and keep the glowing colors and how many times they burn in your mind before leaving it.

Swap the Character

  • Swap the character after counting the number of lights and head to the light puzzle where you must tap the buttons of different colors as follow: Red (3), Green (5), Blue (3), Red (4), and Yellow (2).
  • Tapping the light buttons accurately may help you get a Bamboo Rake and Simple Fire Sprayer.
  • Open the bamboo rake from your inventory and combine it with the following items: Plastic Rod and Scotch Tape to get a new item (extended bamboo rake).
  • Now, you should head to the cage door after selecting a bamboo rake and try to collect a toy rod and a bottle holding a letter. Open the bottle cape to collect a letter that displays you some arrows in different directions.

Swap the Character

Change the character by merely clicking on an image of a detective and reach the fountain where you have discovered a box holding a locker.

  • Tap the arrows in the following sequence to open it: Up (2), Down (2), Left (1), and Right (1). Hitting the button in a way as I said will give you a hook connected with a rod.
  • Use the iron hook to open the lid of the well available next to the fountain.
  • Next to that, drop the telescope into the well and switch the character to see whether the telescope reaches down or not.
  • Once you reach down, start finding a telescope by exploring the sewerage line and keep it in your inventory once find it.
  • Go close to the door and see through your telescope to see geometric shapes drawn on a ship.
  • Switch your characters once again to reveal the second land. Tap on the left side to discover a shop near a cage that I think we have already discovered in Park Escape Part 2 Walkthrough.

  • Get into the shop to find hidden objects to solve a tricky puzzle.
  • Discover a laptop and tap on a classic phone kept on its right side and hit the particular buttons following the shapes you have discovered on the ship via telescope.
  • Leave the shop in search of a key that is available on the left side of the shop. Select a rod from your inventory and use it to collect a welding clip.
  • Go near the fountain to discover a locker that you can open using a key available to your inventory. After getting opened, it reveals a welding rod. Click on the wielding click and combine it with the welding rod to get a new item (Welding Clamp with Welding Rod).
  • After that, you should click on the generator and use an electric welder to cut its cover. Some numbers (4275) are written over there that you should keep in mind to use later. Collect a lighter from thereafter cutting the cover and add it to your inventory.


Near the hut, the game features massive haystacks that you must burn using a lighter available in your inventory to clear the road.

  • Burn the haystacks using a lighter and tap in the straight direction to discover a bus and a classic door.
  • Near the bus, there is a purple box on its right side holding a rope for you to collect.
  • Click on the bus to collect scissors and a cork stopper.

  • Now, you should go back to the fountain where you must drop the scissors and rope down into the well.
  • Read the initial position where your second character has started the game, I mean in front of a hut, and click on its right side to discover holes. Cover the holes with a cork stopper, but collect a caterpillar first.
  • After that, click on a tower next to the cage to collect the pendant, but first, you have to offer a caterpillar to the bird.
  • Open the pendant by merely clicking on it and collect a piece from inside it.

Get into the Workshop

Your next step is to get into the workshop where you must click on the hatchback of the car to discover a box holding a mini-game for you to play.

  • Click on the box and start playing a mini-game to solve tricky puzzles to find a clue, but first, don’t forget to add the missing piece.
  • Once the game gets completed, it will leave you an insecticide.
  • Leave the workshop and visit the fountain to throw the insecticide into the well.

Change the Detective

After throwing the insecticide into the well, you must tap on the detective image to continue the further investigation into the sewerage line.

  • Visit the line where a locker door is available and collect the items thrown by another detective like rope, scissors, and insecticide.
  • Click on the rope and mix it with the basket to get a new item. Now, tap on the waterproof cloth and mix it with a scissor to get a new item.
  • Do the same with a bucket and mix it with a simple fire sprayer and cloth to get a simple hot-air balloon.

  • Tap on the balloon and mix it with a toy rod to get a fishing rod too with a hot-air balloon.
  • Place the hot air balloon amidst the level and let it go up to another detective.

After that, you must click on the detective’s image fixed near the toothed gear to change the scene and the protagonist also.

  • Collect a fishing rod first and keep it in your inventory.
  • After that, you should visit the place where you once found a bus after burning haystacks using a lighter.
  • Select a fishing rod from your inventory and head to the sea available on the right side of the sea to catch all seashells and a laptop from a submarine.
  • Open the laptop by merely entering the code “4275” Unfortunately, the password has been changed by someone; now, you have to search for finding the alphabetic password.
  • Head to the bus and throw water on its mirror to discover a hint.

  • Change your character to jump into the sewerage line and head to the wall next to the locker door.

  • Play a mini-game where your goal is to find a way out. Once done, tap on the locker door and enter the alphabetic code “APXPM” to open the gate.

  • Get into the room and head to the hive where you must use insecticide to get rid of bees and collect a liquid metal without any hassle.
  • Tap on the left wall to count circles of different colors and head to a yellow-colored box in the next sewerage line. Set the colors as shown in the image to open the box and collect a key from the maker box.
  • Click on the box and use liquid metal to get a key.

Newly Unlocked Room

Get into the newly unlocked room where you have to head to the main wall where a security lock is placed.

  • Use the key to turn on the game and use your wit to bring the yellow piece to the exit.

Once you open the door after completing the puzzle, something suspicious has started to happen. Instead of celebrating the freedom of your partner, the game may fall you in confusion by displaying you a character with two faces. This time, a joker is standing ahead of you playing a mind game. As the scene ends, both detectives get to each other.

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