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Whether you love to be an interior designer or play hidden object games, Home Makeover Hidden Object brings both choices to your palm. It offers a perfect mix of Hidden Objects, Home Decoration, Match-3, and Puzzle video game genres, promising to provide you with an incredible gameplay experience. The game has many exciting levels; each one is loaded with challenging objectives to complete.

Moreover, Tamalaki releases the game for Mobile Platforms, such as Android and iOS, and introduces many exciting scenes for you to enjoy. The storyline revolves around a female character who dreams of being an interior designer and receives a letter from her beloved grandma, who invites her to renovate their old house. Apart from the introduction, we have compiled a Home Makeover Hidden Object Walkthrough to help you find hidden objects in all levels to proceed through the gameplay.

Home Makeover: Hidden Object Review

Surely, there will be no one who doesn’t love playing Hidden Object games. Thousands of puzzle-solving games are floating across different app stores and have been downloaded millions of times. Similarly, Home Makeover Hidden Object has released recently and made a home in everyone’s heart by offering impressive soundtracks, a well-written storyline, a beautiful cast of characters, and challenging hidden object levels with Match-3 twists. I love playing the game and found all levels impressive to complete. To make gameplay a bit challenging, the developer introduces a time limit in the form of a bar that starts to deplete as the game starts. Once you discover the object, the bar will restore and start depleting from the top.

Behind a white picket fence, there is a beautiful old house fully loaded with fun and packed with Hidden Object Adventure. The old house of the protagonist’s grandparents needs a house makeover and Emma would be a perfect choice because she is an interior designer. Many people hire interior designers to renew their houses, but here you should help Emma to renew the house of her grandparents. The house is full of enchanting paintings and dazzling wallpapers, as well as outdated furniture; therefore, help out Emma to bring not only modern furniture to the house but modern look also.

The game reveals a beautiful fusion of Hidden Objects and Puzzle components that keep you engaged for endless hours of fun. You don’t need any internet connection to play the game; however, detective skills are compulsory that helps you find hidden objects. Search and find hundreds of items hidden strategically and unlock nine achievements. There are more than fifteen exciting modes, including the following:

  • Night Mode
  • Mirror Mode
  • Picture Search
  • Relax Mode
  • Seek and Find

When playing the game, you won’t only find hidden objects, but also match identical items and play other mini-games while cleaning and renewing the mansion of the protagonist’s grandparents. Embark on an adventure to lead your puzzle-solving skills to the next level.

Home Makeover: Hidden Object Walkthrough

Walkthroughs.net brings you Home Makeover Hidden Object Walkthrough that reveals not only items but also shares some Home Makeover Tips and Tricks with you. At the start, the protagonist, Emma, receives a letter from her Grandparents who are requesting her help in renewing their old house which is in ruin. Recently, the protagonist’s mom has told to their parents that Emma is studying to become a designer. As an opportunity, they offer Emma their house for restoration. Next to that, you should hit the “Play” button to start the game.

Find 20 Cobwebs

Firstly, your goal is to find out 20 cobwebs by merely tapping on the screen because the mansion is in ruin and standing on the edge of destruction. You must clean the mansion as soon as possible by merely removing cobwebs. Tapping the cobweb may remove it from the scene and once you clear all, the game takes you inside the mansion.

Home Makeover: Hidden Object Walkthrough Level 1 – Attic

The first level takes place in Attic where your ultimate goal is to find objects the customers said to earn money. Each customer brings a unique hidden object to find and pay you in-game currency in return. To make the game challenging, the developer adds the time limit, though it won’t directly affect the gameplay but may reward you fewer points if the time runs out.

Therefore, you should struggle to find all hidden objects timely to make the customers happy. In the first level, the game takes you to a room that is in mess and is tasked with finding 12 hidden objects, although the first items the game reveals itself for you to learn how it works.

  • You can find a Teddy Bear and a Guitar on a chair while the coconut and a cat are under the relaxing chair.
  • A ball is available above the briefcase, while the piggy bank and shoes are near the chair.
  • You can pick up a letter from the wall above the table and below the table, there is a toy for which a customer is demanding.
  • On the left side, you may find a vegetable and an owl sitting on a telephone.

When playing the game, you can use boosters and power-ups that help you reveal hidden objects without doing any hard work. Furthermore, you can use the magnifying glass in only one case, when you fail to find anything. Having said that means you can use the magnifying glass for a limited time.

Home Makeover: Hidden Object Walkthrough Level 2 – Bedroom

After completing the first level of Home Makeover, the game takes you to a bedroom where lots of items are available and finding a specific one is relatively very hard. Therefore, you should hone your detective skills before jumping into the best Hidden Object game and keep your sharp eyes on every item that lies ahead of you.

Here you have to find ten hidden objects and Home Makeover Walkthrough helps you discover them. Customers will keep coming; you should improve your speed of finding hidden objects because the game features a bar that depletes as delay happens in finding hidden objects.

  • On the right side, you must collect a shoe, a broom, a pin, a duck, and a bell.
  • After that, you should move to the bed where you may find the fruit of green color and a coin from the collar of a teddy bear.
  • On the left side, you can collect a bottle of perfume and an object from the rack as shown in the image below. Besides, don’t forget to collect butterflies from the left window.

Home Makeover: Hidden Object Walkthrough Level 3 – Garage

On the third level, you find yourself in a garage where lots of customers await you to find hidden objects. At the start, the game seems easy to play but as you proceed through it, the game becomes challenging to play. It has more than fifteen modes available; each one comes with varied tasks to complete.

The third level supports silhouette mode and the game intends to display you shadows, instead of colorful images. You don’t need to worry, because House Makeover: Hidden Walkthrough has already discovered all the hidden items for you. Start investigating the scene to find 11 Hidden Objects.

  • Near the bicycle, you can collect a cap and a watermelon.
  • Above the car, you can collect a bottle and a mirror.
  • On the shelf, you discover a chess piece and above the rack, there are a clock and a crown to discover.
  • Near the window, you may find grapes and on the left side of the grape, you will discover a necklace.
  • There is a small ladder on the left side of the car where you can find a pipe behind it.

Home Makeover: Hidden Object Walkthrough Level 4 – Match-3

After completing the first three hidden object levels, the game is tasked with matching identical items in the Match-3 stage and earn more points. There are different power-ups available that may help you clear the playfield within no time. Your ultimate goal is to collect as many coins as possible by smashing coins and collecting tickets. The game sets limited moves for each stage and keeping yourself within the limit, complete the stage to unlock the next scene.

Home Makeover: Hidden Object Walkthrough Level 5 – Attic

The environment is similar to the first level, but the objects the customers bring are completely different. At the fifth level, customers will appear one by one, and you have to find items for each one within the time limit. Once the time runs out, a new customer will appear with a new object. Therefore, you should keep finding objects as soon as possible, so you don’t miss any customers until the level gets completed.

  • On the right side, your goal is to find coconut and a massive box from under the chair.
  • Watch under the chair to collect an egg and a shell.
  • On a trampoline, you can find two sticks and above the briefcase, there are two objects are available to collect.

Home Makeover: Hidden Object Walkthrough Level 6 – Garden

A new scene is unlocked which is a garden where you discover the lovely items. There is a beautiful bridge holding dozens of objects and a lovely canal flowing below it. Start finding hidden objects to unlock the next levels and proceed with the storyline; meanwhile, restoring the mansion. You are supposed to find ten hidden objects within a limited time. Finding hidden objects isn’t a difficult task, but the thing you need is a sharp eye and a smart brain that works like a detective.

  • Below the bridge, you can discover a clock.
  • At the screen’s bottom, you can discover a hammer, glasses, beans, and a grenade-like object.
  • A dog’s collar is available on the pillar of the bridge, while a starfish is on the fountain.
  • If your customer is demanding a scissor and a crown, then you should watch on the left side of the screen.

Home Makeover: Hidden Object Walkthrough Level 7 – kitchen

This time, you are standing in the kitchen where your goal is almost the same. Unravel your detective skills and start searching for items following their names. The customers will come with the name of items only and don’t show their pictures. The available items you have to find are the following: Candy, Letter, Cookie, Ice Cream, and Butterfly. In this level, the game asks you to find 10 Hidden Objects.

  • On the left side, you need to collect a trash bin and a letter on the left side of it.
  • You can discover a cupcake above the shelf and there is candy at the top of the rack near the yellow whale.
  • Move on to the next rack to collect a cookie and an ice cream stick on the third rack.
  • A butterfly is available near the stick and as you come down, there is an ice cream that you can collect.
  • From the floor, you can collect a shoe.

Home Makeover: Hidden Object Walkthrough Level 8 – Laundry

Find fulfilling the requests of customers, the game takes you to a laundry where you have to do the same as you have done in the previous levels. More than 10 customers appear on a panel with the objects you need to find. Each customer will offer you in-game money and coins in return for the service you offer for finding hidden objects. When finding hidden objects, you should keep in mind to search for a coin that rewards you with extra in-game cash.

Each customer has three hearts, which means a limited time. Finding the hidden object within that time may help you earn more than average and use it to unlock premium stuff for the old house of your grandparents. There is an opportunity to become a detective and use your skills to find a few items from a mess.

  • A spider is sitting on a plant pot near the windows.
  • Near the washing machines, you can discover a tennis ball.
  • Cakes are available below the spider that you can collect and give to your customer.
  • You can discover a piece of a puzzle from a bucket kept on the shelf.
  • For a bow, you must visit the shirt hanging on the stand and you can also collect a badge from there.
  • Visit the white door to find a butterfly and collect a cutter from above the bucket.
  • Near the bucket, you can collect a magic lamp and above the lamp, there is a pumpkin.

Home Makeover: Hidden Object Walkthrough Level 9 – Bedroom

Once again, the bedroom is on your way and you have to clean it first before making further modifications to the house. This time, your ultimate challenge is unique and the game is tasked you to find 20 Origami from the room. Find each one that will leave you in-game points that you can use either to buy stuff or boosters.

  • The three origami is available on the bed near the teddy bear, while the fourth is on a chair. On the floor, you can discover four origami and in the wardrobe, there is one.
  • There is a stand above the wardrobe holding two origami.
  • Above the parrot cage, you may also discover two origami on both sides of the windows.
  • The last four origamis are available on the left side of the room.

Home Makeover: Hidden Object Walkthrough Level 10 – Garage

Although the tenth level takes place in the workshop, your task is to memorize the given objects and then start finding them from the scene. The given objects are the following: A Fan, Balloons, Tooth Brush, Hammer, Gloves, and Bottle.

  • Discover a hammer from the back mirror of the car, while the fan is available near the side mirror.
  • Balloons are hanging near the windows and you can collect a toothbrush from the rack.
  • Near the brush, you can discover gloves and a water bottle is below the bicycle.

Home Makeover: Hidden Object Walkthrough Level 11 – Living Room

After cleaning Workshop, Kitchen, Garden, Attic, Laundry, you find yourself standing in a Living Room. Your goal is the same as the previous levels, but this time, your objective is to find 12 hidden objects from around the room. The living room contains a set of sofa, trampoline, three tables, and beautiful curtains. As you hit the play button, people will start to appear on the panel to request you find their lost objects from a mess.

  • The first item you have to find is a Cap that can be discovered on the big sofa.
  • From the table, you can collect eggs and a mobile phone. Below the table, there is a diamond and on the right side, the game hides a lamp.
  • A sofa on the right side holds a tape recorder, pillow, and flower.
  • Above the said sofa, you can grab an arrow and an insect.
  • The game keeps a doll on the sofa and you collect a skateboard from near the global map.

Home Makeover: Hidden Object Walkthrough Level 12 – Basement

Finally, Emma reaches the Basement where she starts discovering unused stuff to clean the house. She is almost near to make her dream of being the world’s best designer come true. There is nothing bigger than your dreams and never let anyone create a hurdle on your way.

The game features a beautiful cast of characters and keeps appearing on your screen for different purposes. The basement is in mess and finding even a massive object is more than a headache. Besides, the game activates the silhouette mode without asking you and starts displaying shadows of objects, instead of their images.

  • A microwave oven and a clock are available near each other and you can discover them below the shelf.
  • On the shelf, you will discover a tea kettle and a bucket.
  • Near the black, there is a letter that you need to get rid of an object.
  • On a small ladder, you may discover a toy and an empty photo frame on the left side of it.
  • Don’t forget to grab a coin from the window and below the window, there is a tool to collect and an insect nearby it.

Home Makeover: Hidden Object Walkthrough Level 13 – Bathroom

This time, Emma reaches the bathroom where she has to perform the same job. Up to 12 objects are hidden beautifully and your goal is to help Emma in locating each one to get rid of the room. To be honest, finding hidden objects from the bathroom level isn’t easy as your progress will stop as you come to search for cookies. Apart from that, the objects you have to find are the following: Tickets, Nail Polish, Paint Brush, Seashell, Strawberry, and more.

  • Firstly, collect a pillow from the bathtub and collect a four-pronged fork from the right side.
  • Collect a brush, duck, cutter, cupcake, and a seashell from the floor below the bathtub.
  • On the shelf before the mirror, the game keeps a nail polish.
  • If you are looking for a strawberry, then you should see toward a bucket near the commode.

Home Makeover: Hidden Object Walkthrough Level 14 – Match-3

The match-3 twist is almost close to coming. Polish your skills of matching identical items within limit moves to win. If you aren’t interested to play Match-3 levels, then you have an option to skip them without losing anything. I have skipped two levels because it takes a lot of time, but if you intend to complete them, then you should keep in mind that match only those identical items the game is asking for. Furthermore, make use of power-ups and boosters to clear the screen within no time. The completion of levels may leave you in-game points and many other useful objects like hints, bombs, and more.

Home Makeover: Hidden Object Walkthrough Level 15 – Garden

Once again, the game takes you to a beautiful garden and is tasked with finding hidden objects. This time, you have to find fifteen hidden objects from across the scene and the timer is still in a working position. Your first client is a female who is requesting you to find a red flower from the garden as soon as possible. Follow the instructions given in Home Makeover Hidden Object Walkthrough to find everything or see the image given below.

  • The red flower is hidden near the lamp fixed on the bridge.
  • If you are searching for a wheel, you should take your eyes toward the blue sky.
  • On the right side of the parrot, there is a white flower that your customer may ask to find.
  • At the bottom of your screen, collect a pipe and a starfish.
  • For further items, you can see the image highlighting all hidden objects with red circles.

Home Makeover: Hidden Object Walkthrough Level 16 – Alcove

The game brings a new room to explore and search for hidden objects. The room is known as Alcove and it contains only a bed and lots of mess on it. You are asked to find 14 hidden objects from the room and earn in-game money to unlock the additional room. Thankfully, the game doesn’t introduce any cases to solve. How hard to find hidden objects you better known than me, imagine what will happen if you have to analyze clues and merge them to get a new item for the completion of the puzzle.

  • A massive green bag is right behind the hat-wearing dummy.
  • You can discover a guitar on the bed and a tape recorder nearby it.
  • On the rack, you can discover a glass of juice, a paper boat, scissors, and a pencil.
  • A remote and a pearl is available below the hat-wearing dummy.
  • If you are looking for a cutter, then you should visit the area on the right side of the watermelon.

Home Makeover: Hidden Object Walkthrough Level 17 Conservatory

The next place to find hidden objects is Conservatory where a new challenge awaits you. The challenge in sense isn’t an addition of a new object, it is a new game mode. The game has unlocked a new mode, known as Anagram. It means, you are supposing to deal with two different challenges at the same time; firstly, you should rearrange the letters to bring the word in the proper form and then effort to find the hidden object. The available words are the following in the proper form:

  • Saw
  • Orange
  • Ruler
  • Wheel
  • Mask
  • Racket Shutters
  • Helmet
  • Box
  • And more.

Home Makeover: Hidden Object Walkthrough

  • The saw is hanging with the roof and orange is laid on the table.
  • Below the orange, you can discover a ruler and a helmet under the table.
  • Near the helmet, there’s a wheel and below the wheel, the game keeps a box.
  • Above the wheel, there is a plant pot holding an object to collect.
  • Rocket Shutter is available below the lamp forth the kite.

Home Makeover: Hidden Object Walkthrough Level 18 – Study Room

After cleaning many rooms, Emma reaches the Study Room where new challenges await her in a new form. Although the game hasn’t revealed a new mode at this level yet, still it’s a tough level to complete. Have you ever seen a sock on a board? I didn’t see yet, but it seems the dream of watching the sock on a board comes true in the game. Let’s start finding hidden objects from the scene to unlock the next levels.

  • Firstly, you should grab the sock I mentioned above from the board and a letter which is also there.
  • On the study table, you can collect a chess piece, a small hut, and a necklace coming out of a drawer.
  • Near the briefcase on the floor, you can collect a brush, a bulb, a small red purse, a bottle, and a drum behind it.
  • A fire extinguisher is right above the drum.
  • For a film and a paper roll, you should see under the table.

Home Makeover: Hidden Object Walkthrough Level 19 – Kitchen

I think this is the third time we have come to the kitchen for revealing hidden objects. As you enter the room, the game reveals a new game mode. Did you remember the first task where you have to find 20 Cobwebs? If yes, then level 19 is almost the same but the game features fruits and vegetables instead of cobwebs.

Home Makeover: Hidden Object Level 19 Walkthrough brings you an image of all fruit and vegetables highlighted with red circles for your ease. Follow the steps mentioned in the Home Makeover Walkthrough Guide to get rid of the problem:

  • The first three vegetables are available in and below the rack of the left side.
  • You can collect a bringer from the roof and carrots from the rack placed on the right side and a red chili from above the carrots.
  • Above the stove, you may collect a pumpkin.
  • Head to the table where you may discover cabbage and many other fruits.
  • Watch sections of the same table may help you discover more fruits and vegetables.
  • From the floor, you can collect the rest of the fruits and vegetables.

Home Makeover: Hidden Object Walkthrough Level 20 – Laundry

You are back to the laundry where a new challenge awaits you. This time, you have to remember six objects the game displays you on the screen and ask to search them from the scene. The hidden objects are the following: Sunflower, blocks, hanger, yarn, nipple, and thermometer.

  • The thermometer is fixed with the washing machine and the nipple is laid above clothes near the 2nd washing machine.
  • You can collect a sunflower from the plant pot forth the windows.
  • To discover the yarn, you must watch near the white basket.
  • Blocks are kept on the right side of the blue bucket and a hanger above the shopping bag.


Home Makeover: Hidden Object comes with beautiful graphics and impressive sound effects. It keeps you engaged for endless hours of fun by offering fifteen different types of game modes. Pursue your career as a designer by renovating your grandparent’s house and show off your designing skills to the world to become the master. The game rewards you with in-game points like coins that you use to unlock boosters and power-ups. Whether you love to play match-3 games or hidden objects, the game has got you all. Read Home Makeover: Hidden Object Walkthrough Guide to learn how to complete all levels with no worries. I loved enjoying playing the game and would love to rate it 8 stars out of 10.

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