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100 Doors Challenge is a Hidden Objects and Single-player Puzzle video game released by Protey Apps for Mobile Devices. The game is designed for those players who love playing Puzzle and Hidden Object games, and it features over 100 challenging Doors to escape. Unlike other puzzle games, the 100 Doors Challenge comes with short puzzles to solve and you don’t need to find a series of hidden items to solve the puzzle. Find only one to five items and get rid of the problem. We compiled a 100 Doors Challenge Walkthrough to help you solve all puzzles without any hassle.

Moreover, the game requires you to hone your puzzle-solving skills to complete all 100 levels and unlock all achievements. It promises to deliver you quality graphics and exciting puzzles to solve. Using the point-and-click interface, you can interact with the room to open the door. The game uses cool mechanics that are responsible for taking you in time and space, mixing objects, and searching for hidden objects. The first seven levels are tutorials to only teach you how to find hidden objects and play the game. Besides, the game features nine beautiful locations to explore.


100 Doors Challenge comes with intuitive controls where you don’t only need to make use of your fingers, but also shake your phone to get rid of problems sometimes. Always keep in mind whenever you come out to play Hidden Object games that being a detective may help you resolve all puzzles and riddles. If you can’t think like a detective, then follow our 100 Doors Challenge Guide – All Level Solutions to see how to complete levels.

100 Doors Challenge Level 1

Unlike other Hidden Object games, playing the first of 100 Doors Challenge is easier than picking up your cup of tea. As the game starts, a character with the name Jonathan appears on your screen to help you learn how the game works. Therefore, you don’t need to do anything to make your approach to the next level, except for hitting the button to the left side of the door.

100 Doors Challenge Level 2

Upon reaching the second level, your ultimate goal is only limited to move the carpet to the right and pick up a key to open the door and move to the third level.

100 Doors Challenge Level 3

The third level may a tricky but thanks to Jonathan who are here to help you. A text will appear on the screen revealing a hint – tap on the clock to move into the past and collect a scrap. Once again, hit the clock to move back to the present and use the scrap to open the doors. Escape the third room and reach the fourth one.

100 Doors Challenge Level 4

Now, you are at level 4 where your goal is to open the box behind the character and pull and hold the lever unless the number reaches 1. Move to level 5 as the door opens.

100 Doors Challenge Level 5

You are in a beautiful room where the door is rusted. There is only a bottle that won’t work unless you have a scotch. Therefore, you should struggle to find scotch and use it with the bottle to clean the rust from the door and let you go.

  • Remove the lid and get into the basement to find a scotch.
  • Come up to mix the scotch with the spray bottle you found from the room.
  • Remove the rust from the room and escape.

100 Doors Challenge Level 6

Now, you are at level 6 where the game introduces a new thing. It hides a key within the skull that may not fall upon tapping. You should think about going out of the box to find a solution. If you fail to find anything, then read our 100 Doors Challenge Level 6 Walkthrough.

  • Shake your device until the skull falls from the door.
  • Collect the key and use it to open the door.

100 Doors Challenge Level 7

This would be the last level of Jonathan because he is about to leave. Before leaving, he wants to see what he taught you and what you have learned from him. The game features a cannon forth the door with several balls.

  • Tilt your device to steer the cannon at the door and tap on it.
  • Collect a ball and insert it into the cannon.
  • Find the hidden matchbox and use it to burn the rope and wait until a blast happens to break the door.

100 Doors Challenge Level 8

It seems you are now in an ancient location where the game displays you only the main door and the trapdoor. Near the trapdoor, there is a hammer that you can collect and add to your inventory to use later.

  • Open the trapdoor and visit the basement to find hidden objects.
  • Use the hammer to break the drum to collect a lever.
  • Now, you have to use the lever and fix it on the wall to pull down.
  • The main door will open as you pull the lever.

100 Doors Challenge Level 9

100 Doors Challenge Level 9 can be tough to complete as compared to other levels. The game features a “Go” sign whereupon tapping it takes you a few steps in the right side direction.

  • Collect a wire cutter from seats and cut the wire of the circuit available near the seats to shut the camera down.
  • Hit the elevator button to open the doors and escape.

100 Doors Challenge Level 10

It seems you are in a Royal Palace where a locker is placed next to the door. You need a passcode to open it for escape. Finding a passcode isn’t an easy task.

  • For that, you have to tap on the clock to turn it into the night and wait for a while unless a code appears on the floor.
  • Once done, tap on the clock again, enter the code to open the door, and escape.
  • The code is 1567 that you can use to open the door.

100 Doors Challenge Level 11

We have passed 10 levels of 100 Doors Challenge successfully, now let’s move to the next 100 Doors Challenge Walkthrough guide levels. At this level, there is nothing to collect, even a single key then think how you would open the door.

  • It quite simple, just remove the locking bar by merely dragging it up and open the door to escape.

100 Doors Challenge Level 12

The room takes place in a spaceship it seems because the environment looks sci-fi. There is nothing except a modern box, two buttons, and a lever. To complete the level, follow the instructions given below:

  • Pull the lever to let the box fly in the air.
  • Drag the box to the right side and pull the lever down to turn the button into the green.
  • Now, you should pull the lever once again to fly the box and drag it to the left button and let it down by pulling the lever once again.
  • As both buttons surrounding the box turn green, the door will open.

100 Doors Challenge Level 13

You are in a room where a green liquid is spread across the floor. Find the broom to clean the mess, but the broom is not enough for that. Therefore, the game has hidden something else, but not intending to show its name.

  • Collect the broom and bucket nearby it and add them to your inventory.
  • Don’t forget to wear a mask that is available on the right of the cylinder.
  • Now, clean the floor freely to make a path that leads you to the door.

100 Doors Challenge Level 14

In the fourteenth level, the game features a broom and a pot. Anything could be possible within this pot; it may be a key and anything else. Firstly, you must find a way to break the pot and then open the door.

  • Collect the broom from the left side of the room and find a way to break the pot.
  • You can break the pot by merely dragging it. Upon breaking it will reveal a key that you can’t collect with naked hands because the pieces of the pot will hurt you.
  • Use the broom to clean the mess and pick up the key to open the door and escape.

100 Doors Challenge Level 15

Once again, you find yourself in a waiting area where a set of benches available and your goal is to solve a formula to get a passcode. Visit the right side of the room to discover a board where a formula is written. Find the possible answer and back to the main door where a locker is fixed to stop you over here for a lifetime.

  • Solve the formula and back to the main door where you need to tap the meter and enter the passcode to open it.
  • Your passcode is 261316 to open the door.

100 Doors Challenge Level 16

In the next level, a parrot is holding a key. Only tapping the parrot to collect a key won’t work, you should think out of the box to find a solution. The room has nothing, except for a piece of cheese.

  • Find a knife to cut a piece of cheese.
  • Offer the cheese to the parrot and collect a key to open the door and escape.

100 Doors Challenge Level 17

Now, you are in a laboratory where a table and some other bottles are available. Find hidden objects to open the door; otherwise, you won’t see anyone again. Here is the solution:

  • Get the table aside to collect a bottle.
  • Keep the bottle from your inventory to the table and play a mini-game to solve a chemical formula.
  • To solve the chemical formula, you need to keep S between four O and 2 H on corners to solve the formula.
  • Fill the bottle with the acid you prepared and throw it on the door and let it melt.

100 Doors Challenge Level 18

After reaching level 18, you find a broken wire. Find a way to connect both heads to repair the circuit and hit the button to open the door. But, before opening the door, you need tape to connect wires.

  • Collect a tape from the left side of the room.
  • Visit the right side to collect a piece of wire.
  • Connect the piece with both wires and use tape to secure the pairs.
  • Hit the button to open the doors and escape.

100 Doors Challenge Level 19

Once again, the game takes you to a modern room where a box and a drum are available. This time, the lever is missing and there is nothing available to deal with. To find a solution, read the instructions of 100 Doors Challenge Walkthrough:

  • Shake your phone to fall the drum.
  • Pick up a piece of machine that you can connect with the bolt opener.
  • Head to the roof where two green buttons are available. Use the bolt opener to remove the button and remove the cover. As the cover removes, you come to know that you are in the space.
  • Removal of the lid will bring the gravity to zero and the box will start to fly.
  • Collect a key card from below the box and swipe it through the circuit to open the door.

100 Doors Challenge Level 20

The screen gets dirty you think after reaching the 100 Doors Challenge Level 20. But in reality, it’s the fog that you can clear by merely tapping your screen a few times. The fog won’t clear completely and you have to solve the puzzle to get rid of the problem.

  • Collect wooden pieces in the blurred room and add them to your inventory.
  • Select the wooden pieces from your inventory and put them into the fireplace.
  • Find a matchbox from above the fireplace and burn the woods to melt the ice blocking the doors to open.

100 Doors Challenge Level 21 to 30 Walkthrough


100 Doors Challenge releases with fabulous gameplay and exciting puzzles to solve. Like other traditional Hidden Object games, it isn’t offering tough gameplay. The puzzles are quite simple and fun to solve. You don’t need to do hard work when it comes to collecting hidden objects. There are only two to three items you have to find to solve the puzzles; sometimes, it can be done by finding only one item. The graphics and controls are superb and the soundtrack is relaxing that keeps you engaged until you reach the final level. We will keep updating the 100 Doors Challenge Walkthrough with new levels regularly.

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