Find the Difference 1000+ Levels Walkthrough


For sure, you may have played the games to find differences many times either in the newspaper or on your PC. The game holds two images almost of the same scene but with a few differences that you have to highlight. Once you highlight all differences, you will win the level, and the game unlocks additional stages for you to complete. Similarly, Find the Difference 1000+ Levels comes with tons of fun-filled levels that task you with finding differences within the scene. Gamma Play releases the game for Mobile Devices, and we bring you a Find the Difference 1000+ Levels Walkthrough to see where the differences are in the images.

Test your Detective Skills in over 1000 Challenging Levels

If you want to be a detective, then playing the finding differences game would boost your skills and abilities. You can put your detective skills to the test in the game while searching for differences in two images of the same scenes. Don’t lose your grip over the game, because many times the hidden object is available near you, but you’re looking for it on another side. Therefore, always start searching from the big items, then move to the smaller one upon not finding the difference.

Your Ultimate Task

At the start of the game, your goal is to start comparing images and spot the difference between them. Don’t take any tension of time, because the developer doesn’t any time limit. Yeah, making five invalid clicks may end your game. Following Hidden Object games’ footsteps, you should search the hidden items and spot five differences in each scene. Five spots aren’t fixed, because in some levels you have to find more differences to spot.

Find the Difference 1000+ Levels Review.

Find the Difference 1000+ Levels is fully loaded with challenging puzzles and requires a person with detective-oriented senses. Don’t miss a chance of improving your abilities, and learn how to find hidden objects from the scene. Although the game doesn’t feature excellent graphics, it offers stunning gameplay using thousands of images that keep you engaged for endless hours of fun. There’s no timer, penalty system, and your points won’t be deducted on an invalid click. It features a hint system that always available near your finger to use whenever you are stuck anywhere. Therefore, you should keep it always fully charged, because no one knows when you have needed it.

High-Quality Photos and Objects

Besides unlimited hints, the Find the Difference game features high-quality photos and objects to find and deal with to complete puzzles. You are only limited to five free hints only. Once you use all hints, the game forces you to watch video ads to grab a free hint. At the start, the difficulty level is elementary, as you advance through the game, the advanced stages will make their places to your screen to give you a tough time. Although the game doesn’t feature any limit, it is tough to play because of a new system that ends your game upon detecting three to four invalid clicks.


Find the Difference 1000+ Levels Walkthrough brings solutions to all challenging levels. There are hundreds of challenging levels; covering each one isn’t a cup of cake. Therefore, the walkthrough includes the beginning levels and their solutions. Moreover, we will keep updating the article weekly.

Find the Difference 1000+ Levels Walkthrough – Level (1 to 5)

A beautiful image that covers almost dry fruits, vegetables, cheese, and a jar of honey. Your goal is to find 5 differences at any cost without any time pressure, but you can’t randomly tap on the screen to highlight the hidden spots.

Level 1

  • Between the honey jar and fig, walnut is missing that you can easily detect after comparing both images.
  • Below the fig, you can find a piece of walnut missing in the 2nd image.
  • On the right side of the fig, you may find a cookie missing.
  • After the walnut you recently deal with, there’s another fig hiding a cookie that is missing in the 2nd
  • Above that fig, there’s a cheese and a piece of walnut on its right side that is unavailable in the 2nd

Find the Difference 1000+ Levels features a heart sign on the left side and a bulb on the right side. As you make an invalid tap on the screen, your heart bar depletes, and once it reaches zero, the level will end. You can use hints for limited times. Despite that, you can watch an ad to claim a free hint.

Level 2

The game displays an image of a beautiful room holding limited stuff and furniture. It seems a makeup room where you find a plant pot, a dressing table, a rug, and a few stuff available on the basin. Your goal is to discover five differences between two images without any time pressure, but you aren’t allowed to tap randomly on the screen because it will affect your gameplay and end the game.

  • Firstly, you should interact with the shoes because the shoes’ position is different in both images.
  • Afterwards, head to the plant pot where you discover the pot plain on the left side while on the right side, the pot has a stylish design.
  • Near the plant pot, there’s a plant having differences in both images.
  • Explore the cupboard where you find a white-colored area in both images. Did you notice? The image of the left side has something in that white area, while the right image has nothing on it.
  • Near the tap, you may find a soap bottle that is missing in the 2nd

Level 3

The beautiful scenery awaits you on the 3rd level near the sea view. Furthermore, it seems, the image was taken using a drone. Use your detective skills to differentiate between both images. There are only five differences available that you need to spot before moving to the next scene. If you fail to find differences, follow the steps mentioned in “Find the Difference 1000+ Levels Walkthrough.” The image contains both water and land areas. Three differences are available in the water, while the rest differences are on the image’s right side.

  • Did you notice? On the road, the vehicle is missing in the 2nd
  • An off-road is available in the right image, while it is missing in the left image.
  • On the left side, a massive part of the rock is missing between two parts, and you may see a piece of land missing near the shore.
  • Now, visit the left-top corner of the first image where you discover a small mountain coming out of the water that is missing in the 2nd

Level 4

Do you feel hungry? The game features yummy food containing chicken and fried fries. Spotting five differences is compulsory for the completion of other stages. You may confront special levels that reward you with amazing prizes and free hints during the game but will unlock in only one condition – watching video ads.

  • Explore the image thoroughly and discover the first difference available on the left side of the first image where you may find a piece of leave missing near a lemon.
  • At the top of the screen, a piece of lemon is missing in the 2nd image, and the said image comes with some food remains that are missing in the first image.
  • You may find fried fries missing near the chilli sauce, and near the chilli sauce, a paper design is a bit different.

Level 5

The fifth level takes you to a lavish bedroom, containing a bed, cupboard, curtain, and more. Analyze the images deeply and differentiate between them to complete the puzzle. Similar to previous levels, it has five differences that you must spot before leaving the scene. Find the Difference 1000+ Puzzle Walkthrough brings a guide revealing differences in all images. Follow the steps given below to find differences in the said level.

  • Tap on the first pillow available on the bed because pillows’ colors are different in both images.
  • There’s a painting above the bed on the wall, missing on the first image.
  • The color of the sofa available on the left side in both images are different.
  • You may find something missing on the cupboard’s door in the second image.
  • Above the plant pot in the cupboard, there’s a section in the 2nd image lacking a white-colored box available in the first image.

Find the Difference 1000+ Levels Walkthrough – Level (6 to 10)

Level 6

It seems the next image is representing the traditional Chinese culture. It offers an ancient temple and a beautiful bridge. A beautiful scene is available behind the temple, and the game tasks you with finding five differences using your puzzle-solving skills. Seriously, finding differences within a specific area isn’t too difficult, but it could be challenging when there’s an open environment where you should be active and alert.

  • There’s a rod on the temple’s roof. Upon comparing, you would detect that both are different. Following the said way, you may successfully find the first difference between the two images.
  • Now, you should head to the temple’s wall below it where you may find a plant is missing.
  • Did you notice? The bridge’s surrounding walls contain black-colored decoration pieces, and there’s a difference between both images.
  • At the top-left corner of the screen, there’s no tree in the first image that is available in the 2nd.
  • The bridge entrance has orange-colored rods where you can make a difference.

Level 7

Different types of tools are available on the table, along with other stuff. Finding differences are pretty simple in the given images it seems, and you easily differentiate both pictures.

  • On the left side of the weight plate, a yellow-colored ribbon is missing.
  • 20 KG is writing on the first plate available on your left side, while the right plate is clean with nothing written on it.
  • There’s a tag between two sides of the rope, and you can easily detect the difference because the first image contains a small rope, while the 2nd image has nothing like that.
  • Below the price tag, you may find a weight plate on both sides. The first side will display 20KG, while the same thing is missing in the 2nd
  • Visit the right-bottom-corner of the image where you discover a small piece of rope having different designs on its corners.

Level 8

It is an image of a beautiful opened cupboard holding household items like soap, clothes, towels, makeup kits, and more. Your goal is to differentiate between two images and complete the puzzle to unlock other stages.

  • At the very first, you may find a toothbrush in the left image and a towel in the 2nd image of the first box missing.
  • You should move to the next box where a hair cover is missing in the 2nd
  • Below the first box, there’s another one holding green-colored items. You can easily find the difference because of the openers available in opposing directions.
  • Near the said box, you can find a pick-colored beautiful decoration piece that is unavailable in the 2nd

Level 9

Once again, the game is ready to make you feel hungrier than ever because it features a plate of a delicious meal. All images are beautifully crafted and rendered in 3D graphics. Therefore, you can easily find the differences to become the world’s best detective. The game doesn’t feature any rewarding system, although you can collect hints and points to unlock other challenging stages.

  • Let’s finding differences from the grapes. Upon searching, you will find one grape piece is missing from the first image.
  • Next difference you find in a small bowl where a teaspoon is missing near the pomegranate.
  • Near the pomegranate, there are two grains in the first image, but the 2nd image holds only one grain.
  • Several meat sticks are available on your left side, and the 2nd stick in the second image has no head.
  • There’s a light green chilli with a stick on the first side, while on the 2nd side, there’s no head.

Level 10

The image reveals a cute baby and a dog are standing nearby a swimming pool. The legs of the child are almost in the water, while the dog is watching his reflection. The surrounding environment is beautiful, but holding several differences like other images. Therefore, you should be fully active when searching for differences in two images of the same scene.

  • Below the foot of a baby, you can easily catch a white box missing in the 2nd. Don’t leave the place, because the 2nd difference is also there a few steps aside from the white box – a tile.
  • There’s a purple berry near the dog’s mouth that is missing in the second picture. Did you notice? You can see the dog wearing a collar in the first image, while in the 2nd image, the collar is missing.
  • Watch the blonde hairs of the baby and the bushes nearby the hairs to find the difference.

Find the Difference 1000+ Levels Walkthrough – Level (11 to 15)

After learning how to complete challenging levels, you are now master in solving puzzles and finding differences. The game won’t end over here, because it holds over 1000 challenging levels that will put your detective and puzzle-solving skills to the test. With the best eyesight and a smart brain, you can easily overcome all levels without any hassle. If you are stuck anywhere, read our Find the Difference Level Walkthrough for help.

Level 11

Players who recently eat food must order for some extra junks because the game intends to display your mouth-watering deals and meals. Aside from finding differences, it seems you are in a chicken to see how yummy meals look like.

  • First of all, tap on the cup of tea where you can see bubbles in the first image, while in the second picture, they are missing.
  • See the sticks thoroughly to find a difference, and if you get failed, then visit the tail of sticks on the left time, you will find a difference.
  • Positions of biscuits are different in both images near the sticks.
  • Now, move to the dry flowers available near the plate of biscuits.
  • One berry is missing on the right top corner of the first image.

Level 12

It’s time to celebrate your birthday, but you’re not invited to have fun. Find five differences and move to the next scene where another challenging task awaits you. The game features a beautiful cake along with many decorations, and some food remains surrounding it. You should hone your detective skills to differentiate the two images.

  • You can easily see two strawberries one after another on the cake in the first image, but a white-colored sweet ball is missing in the 2nd
  • Above the white sweet ball in the second image, you can see another small fruit not available in the next image.
  • Oversee the cake’s cut piece and find the difference. A strawberry is missing in the 2nd image from the cake piece.
  • Near the small cake piece, food remains are less while in the first image, there’s a lot.
  • Lastly, a peanut piece is missing in the 2nd picture, while it is available in the first one.

Level 13

The game intends to you take on a beautiful island where you have fun. Although you can’t navigate the land from a third-person or first-person viewpoint, you can enjoy the scene and imagine how it could be in original. Leave it, back to task with finding five differences to complete the puzzle. Besides the island, the image introduces a beautiful bridge made up of wood. Finding differences isn’t a cup of cake, you should work a bit hard, because the environment is complex, and brings many details along with it, which makes it difficult to overcome.

  • Before going deep in the scene, you should investigate the first stick where a rope is connected and holding the bridge. You may find a gap in both wooden pieces.
  • A hut and a tree are missing in the first image on the left side that you can easily in the 2nd
  • Below the bridge, a piece of wood is missing in the 2nd picture, as seen in the first picture.
  • Another massive island is available behind the first one, where tapping on its corner will reveal the difference.

Level 14

Each image comes with a secret, and bringing it out from the image is your duty as a detective. Whether you love to be a detective or not, the game will keep you engaged in a puzzle-solving experience for endless hours of fun. After finding five differences on a beautiful island, the game tasks you with differentiating two images of the same type and category.

  • Firstly, you should see the brown-colored jacket containing a black-colored brand name while the same thing is missing in the first image.
  • A rope is available near the jacket in the first image that is missing in the 2nd
  • There’s a watch below the camera in the 2nd image, but it is missing in the first place.
  • The positions of knives are different in both images.
  • The game features a buckle below the wooden stick in the first image that is unavailable in the 2nd

Level 15

An image of a beautiful sleeping kitty will fall you in love with. As the level starts, you find a beautiful kitty sleeping on a soft and blue-colored sweater. You don’t need to wake up kitty, keep your focus on finding five differences silently and move away from there toward the next scene.

  • First of all, you should tap on the underarm of the kitty because there’s a difference in both images.
  • Next to that, you can find a tray holding a cup of tea on the right side of the image. The first image displays a dry leaf while the same thing is missing on the right side.
  • Near the sweater’s collar, the sofa has a cut, but in the 2nd image, there’s nothing.
  • See the kitty’s beautiful foot where you may discover a bulb on the left image, while the same thing is missing on the right image.
  • At the bottom of the shirt, the game adds something in the 2nd image but disappears from the first one.

Find the Difference 1000+ Levels Walkthrough – Level (16 to 20)

Level 16

The game takes you to a beautiful colony where maybe lots of people love with peace. There are several colorful buildings available, and finding differences among them could be a tough job for anyone. Therefore, we bring you a perfect Walkthrough of the Find the Differences 1000+ Levels Guide to help. Before starting the game, you should keep in mind that you can tap the screen randomly because you have only three or four lives to use similar to any arcade game. Once the heart depletes to zero, the level ends, and you have to start it from the beginning.

  • There’s a boat near the shore, and you have easily spotted the difference between both images’ boats.
  • Afterwards, it would help if you moved to your left side’s wall where you can’t see any window on the left image, but there’s a window as you see toward the right image.
  • There’s a pink building where you can easily spot a difference because of their windows. There are five windows on the left image, while on the right image, there are four windows.
  • The yellow building also holds a difference from a chimney.
  • Next to that, back to the left side where you find a yellow building near the blue house. In the first image, the households a window, while there’s no window in the 2nd image.

Level 17

The game takes you to a washroom where you find a mirror, a basin, and a small cupboard. Keep your focus on finding five differences in two same images, although it could be a tricky job. The game won’t reward you with anything, except for the hints and points you can use to unlock other levels and highlight differences using the hints.

  • Did you find a tissue roll? Click on the tissue roll because there’s a difference.
  • Tap on the plant pot, but before detect what’s the difference.
  • A handle is missing from the 2nd image available between two drawers on the cupboard in the first image.
  • A bottle is missing from the commode toilet in the 2nd
  • The final difference of level 17 is a bottle missing in the first image near the tap.

Level 18

Finally, you are in an aquarium where a beautiful ruined ship is available along with beautiful fishes. Your goal is the same throughout the game to find five differences without any time pressure while honing your puzzle-solving skills.

  • You can see two fish together on the left side, but in the image of your left side, only one fish is roaming freely.
  • The 2nd difference is bubbles continuously coming out from the tank, but the same thing isn’t happening in the 2nd
  • Now you must see the ship where you may find a broken area on the top part of the ship that is found in another part.
  • The corner of the ship is broken, but it is fine in the 2nd
  • Sea plants can be seen in both images, but the first one is pretty long while the 2nd one is small than average.

Level 19

Once again, you find yourself in a mess where lots of stuff is available randomly in no manner. Reveal your detective skills and starting spotting five differences before wasting your turns. During your search, you can zoom in and out to find small items. Use hints, when you are out of ideas or aren’t finding differences.

  • Find the map available on the table where you can easily detect a device. The device is working in the first image, while the 2nd image shows the device is off.
  • Near the shoes before the plier, something is available in the first image that is missing in the 2nd
  • You can find a camera at the top corner of the screen and an object nearby it. But the same thing is missing in the 2nd
  • There’s a difference between both nail cutters available in both images.
  • On the right side of the shoes, you may find a peanut in the first image which isn’t available in the 2nd

Level 20

The twentieth level takes you ahead of a beautiful building. It seems like a royal palace where you can find lavish and lush items from all over the world. Your job isn’t to navigate the palace from inside; your job is to highlight five differences at any cost to open the next levels.

  • Let’s start from the top of the manor where you find the roof is covered with golden cloth in the 2nd image, while in the first one, there’s nothing.
  • Come a bit below to discover that the 2nd window is missing in the second image, while it is available in the first one.
  • On the left side, the first image has a chimney that is unavailable in the 2nd
  • Below the chimney on the floor, the door is missing in the 2nd
  • The same thing is happening on the left side where you find a window is missing from the 2nd

Find the Differences 1000+ Levels Walkthrough – Level (21 to 25)

For sure, you have learned a lot after completing the first 20 challenging levels. If you consider the first 20 levels challenging, you should revise your though because they are a starter and the advanced difficulty level will start sooner.

Level 21

Therefore, hone your detective skills and reach the end of each task to become the master. The game features a beautiful greeting card that holds up to five differences only for you to spot.

  • At the very start, you find the first difference on the left of the image where you discover two leaves of different colors.
  • The 2nd difference is available on the bottom of the screen, where you discover a leaf in the first image that is unavailable in the 2nd
  • The third difference is available at the top of the screen, which is also a flower.
  • Rest two differences are available on the greeting card, and both are flowers, as shown in the image above.

Level 22

There’s an image of a school van parked near the wall with an opened door. Each new level comes with different scenes and differences to spot. Therefore, you should explore the entire environment then start finding differences to unlock additional levels. The game doesn’t feature only hundreds of levels; they are in thousand and may require you to spend thousands of hours to complete all levels.

  • The first four differences you can find easily on the van like on the driver door something is drawn that is missing in the 2nd
  • Similarly, something is written on the passenger gate that is missing in the 2nd
  • Now, let’s move back to the bonnet where the back screen of the bus empty, and then something writing on it in different images.
  • The first image below the back mirror doesn’t feature anything above the backlights, while there’s something in the same place in the right image.

Level 23

A beautiful makeup kit is available in the image, and the game lets you tap as many times as possible on the screen until you are doing great. The invalid taps will take you back to the restarting point, although you come to know about the places of two or more items until then.

  • The first difference between the given two images is the zip hook of the lady purse.
  • Next to that, the 2nd difference is a set of rings and earrings.
  • The third difference is an empty lipstick available on the left image.
  • A brush is missing from inside the makeup kit on the right side.
  • Find where the pot plant is, and differentiate two images.

Level 24

Surely, until then, you will become the master of finding differences. If it isn’t as I said, you will be soon. The game displays you an image of glasses and new stuff randomly spread on the table. Keep following your footsteps left behind you in the previous level – like finding five differences. As you tap on the screen, the game will draw a circle over there to highlight the object, and if your tap is wrong, then the possibility of level ending increases. Start finding differences to become the master.

  • As mentioned above, there are two glasses available. The first glass has a leaf while the 2nd glass has a small straw. The scenario is different in the 2nd image where you find a leaf is missing, and the straw is a bit longer.
  • Near the first glass, there’s a small ice-cube near to melt, while on the 2nd image there’s no ice cube.
  • There’s a glass on the left side, and above the glass, you can find a strawberry that is unavailable on the image of your right side.
  • Find a bottle opener and find the differences between objects nearby it.

Level 25

The 25th image of the game introduces a set of cups along with beautiful decorations. All cups hold a burning candle to provide you beautiful scene you have never experienced before.

  • Click on the left-top corner of the image because in the first image there’s a blue-colored cloth that is missing in the 2nd
  • Below the said difference, you can find a small pot in the 2nd image, which is not available in the first image.
  • Above the 2nd burning cup, the colors of flowers are different.
  • Now, you should move toward the first cup where on the one side you find the candle in burning condition, while on the other side it’s calm down.

Find the Difference 1000+ Levels Walkthrough – Level (26 to 30)

Level 26

Now, you have to differentiate between two same images of the train engine control room. The image displays a board full of control, a small handle, some colorful buttons, and several meters.

  • On the left side, there is a rack holding clothes. The right image has more clothes than the left side that makes a difference.
  • You should now move toward the top right corner of the screen in the 2nd image where you find the telephone wire is missing.
  • There’s small steering between controls, and the game features a small red-colored button above it. You find the button missing in the image.
  • There’s another button on the right side of the control, and a few inches aside, you can find a switch where you can find something written. In the 2nd image, there’s nothing like that. Therefore, it’s the fourth difference.
  • Don’t leave your position in the game, because the fifth difference is close to you. There’s another meter near the switch you are currently on. Upon checking, you will discover the position of both needles is different.

Level 27

Lots of vegetables are scattered throughout the board, and it seems to find five differences is somehow impossible because of a mess. Don’t worry; I will help you find all the hidden spots to complete the puzzle. As mentioned above, the game has many levels, and they are in thousands. As the game advances, the level of difficulty increases gradually.

  • Let’s start finding differences from the top of the screen where you find a spoon near the green chilli having no dots in the 2nd
  • One garlic piece is missing near the potato.
  • Near the potato, there’s a glass, and near the glass, you may find something missing after watching thoroughly.
  • A lemon is missing on the 2nd side near the carrot while available on the spot in the first image.
  • At the bottom of the screen, there are many dry red chillies available. There’s a difference nearby it.

Level 28

Are you ready to find differences between two images of the same house where you find a swimming pool and lavish artwork? There are no visual effects; In short, Find the Difference 1000+ Levels brings only high-quality images with some differences.

  • On the right side near the windows, you may find the entrance door is small while the same door is available in a bigger size.
  • Above the said window, there’s a storeroom holding a small door in the 2nd image, while the first image also lacks that feature.
  • Did you notice? There’s the third floor of the house whose roof can be seen while missing in the first image.
  • Come back to the 2nd floor on the left side, where you find a pillar is missing.
  • In the parking area, you discover a design is missing on the wall in the 2nd


Find the Difference 1000+ Levels brings high-quality images to your mobile devices, and gives you a reasonable way to have fun. Although finding differences isn’t fun, but it could be if you are playing with your friends. Not even a single image will repeat itself throughout the game and bring the valid differences that you can easily detect without deep. The difficulty will increase gradually, and the hint system will keep you engaged for endless hours of fun. You can ask the sister game of the Hidden Object genre. I enjoyed playing the game.

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