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Do you love farming, building houses, and meeting friendly dragons? If so, welcome to Dragonscapes Adventure, where you experience a beautiful blend of Puzzle, Adventure, and Farming Simulation game elements. Century Games developed it for Mobile Devices, such as Android and iOS. However, you can play the game on Windows using Android Emulators. The plot focuses on a female character named Mai who embarks on an adventure to a Remote Island. While exploring the world, Mia discovers lots of dragons who help her build a beautiful house on an island. So, Mia needs your help to find and collect as many dragons as possible. Besides, you can collect and merge dragons to discover new species; meanwhile creating home and solving puzzles.

Meet Mia

As you reach the tropical island inhabitants by dragons, Mia is the character who welcomes you there and asks about how was your journey. Most of the areas are covered with clouds and will be unlocked as you fulfill the requirements. Mia will assist you throughout the trip and highlight the objectives early in the game to complete. Furthermore, it offers gameplay similar to Farmville 3, and to read our Farmville 3 Walkthrough Guide, click on the given link.

Grow Crops and Fulfill Orders

One of your ultimate jobs is to grow crops like corn and wheat and fulfill orders that appear on the board to earn in-game coins and stars. There are dozens of challenging quests available, and each quest will leave you in-game rewards upon completion. The game introduces thrilling sound effects and beautiful creatures to interact with. Like other games of the same type, you navigate the map from an isometric viewpoint and can use the drag feature to explore; furthermore, you can zoom in and out to see the targeted area.

Dragonscapes Adventure Walkthrough – Beginner’s Guide

Dragonscapes Adventure is fully loaded with fun-filled elements, and players from all over the world require to spend some time before making their grip stronger. Instead of exploring the environment surrounding you, interact with elements like a book at the bottom of your screen to understand the basic features and gameplay. While tasks will appear in the book, you need the energy to complete each objective; therefore, you take a rest whenever you run out of energy.

In short, making any strides on the island may cost you energy from the reserve; therefore, it involves chopping trees, removing shrubs, and more. Almost every action you perform when playing the game may cost you a varying quantity of energy, depending on the obstacles. So, before starting the game, read our Dragonscapes Adventure Walkthrough Guide to get help.

Complete Quests and Claim Rewards

As mentioned above, Dragonscapes Adventure is filled with different elements, offering you thrilling gameplay to experience. You can’t proceed through the game without spending a bit of time. So, keep interacting with a book to learn about quests that are available to complete. The game introduces a few challenging missions, which upon getting completed, may leave you rewards, including the following:

  • Gems
  • Gold
  • Energy

When completing quests, you must keep an eye on the rewards each quest provides you and concentrate on completing those quests that award you energy. Although most quests may help you yield XP and gold coins, some occasional missions may bring valuable gems and energy to your inventory.

What is Energy in Dragonscapes Adventure?

If you are confused about energy, consider it a life juice that provides you with power for mining resources to build structures of your dream, including houses and factories. There’s nothing to do once you run out of energy; however, you can complete quests by harvesting, planting, and gathering the resources you need.

Before starting working, ensure two times you have read the requirements of each quest carefully. If you are confused and don’t know what to do next, tap the components related to the objective and let the game throw you to the targeted area that needs your attention.

Complete Orders

Although completing quests is one of the primary jobs found in Dragonscapes Adventure, you don’t avoid the order board where you receive orders. It works similar to the Farmville 3 video game, where the player deals with customer requests and fulfills each order’s requirements to obtain rewards. Similarly, you are supposed to interact with the board to find orders and prepare crops following the requirements. On the board, someone could ask for 1 Dough, 5 Carrots, and more.

After receiving the order, you must start the production of items in your created factories or fields and fulfill the needs of all of your customers. The completion of orders will award you a bit more extra gold coins and XP; however, it can be used to level your character up to unlock additional content.

Keep Upgrading Your Production Units

While you are allowed to mine the land surrounding your home for valuable resources, go back home to take care and start production of crops, vegetables, and fruits as well. You also need to deal with factories for the production of items. Preparing everything on time ensures that the orders you receive will be delivered timely and your quest completed speedily.

Here we suggest you not leave the field empty as keeping the land always filled with harvesting and cropping improves the chances of your progression through the game. You should keep in mind that crafting takes a bit longer than others, so if you are willing to grow faster, implementing the said strategy into your gameplay would help you a lot.

Use Energy Wisely

When navigating the island and areas surrounding you, we won’t suggest you utilize energy for the sake of doing something. Energy is a valuable item in the game, and it helps you collect resources and perform some other actions. Therefore, you should head to the quest tab, click on the missions, and start working on completing missions to get rewards in return.

To save energy, you have to declare an efficient path and stop using too much energy on harvesting or mining resources. To get an environment without trees, you can turn on the “No-tree mode” that helps you eliminate all trees from the scene and offer you a clear field. To turn on the mode, you need to tap the blue arrow available in the right-top corner of your screen and then choose the tree icon to remove all buildings and trees from the scene. Though it will give you a clear view of the place, it helps you draw a path to your objective without any hassle.

How to Get More Energy?

Seriously, making in-game progress without having energy in your bar is impossible. That’s the reason players are constantly searching for different avenues of making extra energy. Usually, the game adds x1 energy after every one and a half minutes. So, the best way to collect energy is to exit the game for a while and come back after a few hours until your energy bar gets filled. Furthermore, you can stretch the size of the energy bar by merely leveling up your level, and if you aren’t interested in waiting, you should follow these methods to get more Energy.

  • Daily Login – By merely logging in to your account regularly, you can claim rewards that vary day after day, but you can claim extra energy twice a week.
  • Complete Quests – The second method to gain free Energy is to discover quests that reward you with energy and give them priority when you complete quests.
  • Deliver Special Orders – When playing the game, you should watch special events and complete them on a priority basis. Once you have finished the order, the game leaves you a chest box full of goodies, including Candy and Items that you can turn into energy.
  • Level Up your Character – It is only possible when you play the game regularly and complete quests; meanwhile, delivering orders. The game leaves you rewards, holding extra energy once you level up.

Learn About Dragons

As the name implies, the game has lots of cute and tiny dragons inhabiting the Archipelago. Study the dragons and try to learn about their unique powers that help you grow your level faster. Although the dragons are designed to harvest fruits, they can be used to produce “Dragon Power.” You should keep in mind that unlocking new areas surrounding you require Dragon Power. Without upgrading Dragon Power, you can’t plan different kinds of flowers and trees.

How to get more Dragons?

Most players worldwide are a bit confused when they come to discover more dragons and find a way to get them. You can start after having a couple of dragons, but you can utilize them to produce more.

Dragonscapes Adventure Tips, Tricks, and Cheats

Usually, a few players prefer to download Dragonscapes Adventure Cheats from third-party sites. Before downloading such harmful files, keep in mind they can steal your credentials. There are several methods you can use to earn Energy for free, instead of using Cheats. Although Dragonscapes Adventure is one of the most beautiful games released for mobiles, introducing the energy system is tricky as you have to wait for a while until the bar gets filled. Therefore, we jump in with our Dragonscapes Adventure Energy Cheat Guide to help you progress faster.

Pot – Cooking pots are hidden in different places that you can discover to get energy. Furthermore, you can find the first pot on the Water Island. Firstly, collect red fruits by merely clearing the berry bushes and then use them to get red fruit jam with the help of a pot. After that, cook the item to obtain x15 energy for free. Upon touching level 15, you are allowed to create a pot on the home island.

Bags – Upon navigating the map, you may discover several chests, hidden treasures, and bog; however, some of these chests may hold free energy.

Orders – As mentioned above, some orders provide chests containing energy, gems, and other premium stuff. Therefore, keep completing orders to get rewards.

Levelup – Upon leveling up, your energy bar will be replenished instantly.

Unfortunately, the game doesn’t feature any cheat codes or methods to get energy-free for an instant. But, the developer releases gift codes for users to claim freebies.

Tips to Farm Gems

If you are looking for ways to get gems for free, then look at the steps given below.

  • Complete the orders timely to get awarded chests and unlock to claim free gems.
  • Receive free gems after completing the collections.
  • Explore new locations and accomplish tasks for free gems.
  • Complete the achievements.
  • Watch ads.

How to Level up Speedily?

The only way to level up is EXP points, and Order Tasks and Main Tasks are known for granting massive EXP. Therefore, you should keep your focus on completing those tasks. After reaching a certain level, new resources and facilities are unlocked as follows:

  • Snack Factory
  • Leaf Factory
  • Cook Tool Factory
  • Jewelers
  • Loom
  • Sewing Factory
  • Cake Factory
  • Chocolate Cart
  • And more.


Without any doubt, Dragonscapes Adventure is a fun-filled mobile game that holds lots of fun-filled activities. Whether you love to play puzzles, adventure or renovate games, Dragonscapes Adventure has got you all. Read our Beginner’s Guide to get help and start making energy and gems to proceed through the game.

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