FarmVille 3: Animals Walkthrough – Beginner’s Guide and Tips


Zynga has just released the third installment of the FarmVille video game series for Mobile Devices. FarmVille 3: Animals is a beautiful Simulation where you are thrown to an old farm that you must renovate and bring back to glory. The game features only Single-player mode, but it needs an Internet connection to run on your device. The first two titles were imposing and full of animals, farming, and fun. Lots of farm adventures were added to embark you on to gather rare goods and craft new recipes.

Like previous titles, your objectives are almost similar, falling you to choose which animal habitats to renovate and where to expand the farm of your dream. Did you know? FarmVille (Video Game) was shut down on 1st January 2021. It was released on Facebook and reached its end after almost 12 years. Nowadays, two of its variants are ruling over the Farming Game industry on mobile platforms, such as FarmVille 2: Country Escape and FarmVille 3: Animals. If you are one of those players who love to build their dream farms, then FarmVille 3 is released for you.

FarmVille 3: Animals Beginner’s Guide

It works in the same manner as the previous two games worked, but it releases along with improved graphics and lots of new content. Start your journey from a ruined farm and take it to the next level using your renovating skills. You don’t need to be a qualified expert to customize and decorate, as everything is possible at your fingertips. You have to choose the design and tap the “Tick” button to do your job, and the selected design will be added to your farm to make it beautiful.

When playing the game, you can create your farm and decide which animals to raise and breed to proceed through the game. Like other games, you can’t see your character; meanwhile, a childhood friend of your character is always on the farm to help her. The story follows a female character who gets bored from her regular life and watches grey buildings and endless traffic. One day, she receives a message from her childhood friend, Marie, who invites you to your old family farm.

Build Animal Farms

Your first objective is to build your farm and decorate it using thousands of beautiful stuff. There is no limit to how much biggest farm you create as the game includes dozens of features lots of decorations. The only ultimate goal is to become the world’s best farmer to harvest crops and make a massive animal collection.

There are dozens of breeds available, including Alpacas. Keep in mind each animal breed may leave you unique farm goods, including the following: Eggs, Wool, or Milk. You can collect items to sell, trade, or use to complete orders; meanwhile, improving your farm crops to become the master.

Raise Baby Animals and Discover New Breeds

As mentioned above, there are hundreds of animal breeds available, and knowing each one is mandatory to proceed through the game. You don’t need to learn all about the game at once, as gradually you will learn about everything, including how to create your farm, upgrade structures, and unlock exotic animals, such as:

  • Brown Alpaca
  • Shorthorn Cow
  • Emden Goose
  • Flame Llama
  • Red Squirrel
  • Hedgehog
  • American Painted Horse

Learn about Customization

The game’s beauty is its customization feature that allows you to modify your house using thousands of stuff and decorations your way to make it outstanding. When playing the game, you can design the ranch home of your dream by selecting building styles, outfits of farmhands, and more to keep your baby animals happy. Keep your eye on the weather forecast and discover the perfect harvest timing to grow faster. Following the forecast, you should plan for a healthy harvest of crops, hay, and more.

Discover New Breed

You aren’t only limited to a few animal breeds, as the game leaves you the opportunity of finding/discovering new species, including the following:

  • Steinbacher Goose
  • Judaica Cow
  • Emu
  • Blue Peacock
  • Bourbon Turkey
  • American Guinea Hog
  • Scarlet Macaw

Exotic Breeds in FarmVille 3: Animals

You know what? The game features exotic breeds that help you expand your land. If you don’t know about exotic breeds, then here’s a list for you to discover:

  • Brown Bear
  • Red Kangaroo
  • Arctic Fox
  • Fennec Fox
  • Red Panda
  • Grey Wolf
  • Black Wolf
  • Bog Turtle
  • Black Marsh Turtle
  • Brown Kangaroo
  • Tibetan Sand Fox
  • Alligator Snapping Turtle

Co-op in FarmVille 3: Animals

Players appreciate the addition of Co-op game type, along with special events. Now, you can join special events to unlock new types of farm animals and unique items. When playing the game, you can visit the farms of your neighbors (in-game friends). You are also allowed to join any random players in Co-op to do chat and visit them. If you need any help, request your friends for in-game items.

FarmVille 3: Animals Walkthrough

Start playing the game with almost 100 Gems and 800 Coins, and upon reaching, you are warmly welcomed by Marie, who gets happy after watching you there. You are assigned hundreds of challenging tasks that can be done within a few taps on the screen. Therefore, you should read the requirements and start completing objectives to grow your farm.

  • Repair a Fountain – As the game starts, you need to repair a fountain by merely tapping on it, as it is also a part of the tutorial to make you understand how the game works.
  • Fix the Farm House – It is your next objective and doesn’t require any tools for its completion. Tap the house and hit the “Tick” button when it appears above the house.
  • Repair the Old Barn – Move on to fix the Old Barn, and it requires the same actions you performed to repair a Fountain and a Farm House.

FarmVille 3: Animals – How to Harvest Sunflowers?

Firstly, to harvest sunflowers, you have to reach the field, tap the flowers, select and drag the Sickle over the areas to harvest.

How to Plant Crops?

It’s pretty easier, as you are only required to tap the field again and drag the sunflower seeds over the field to sow them.

Learn How to Level up to win Animals?

To win animals, you have to do deliveries timely. Every newly unlocked animal may leave you Experience Points and Gems that you can use to level up your character and grow your farm.

Your first animal would be Leghorn Chicken that, upon getting unlocked, will reward you with 2 Gems and XP points.

How to Unlock Farmhands?

Farmhands are designed to help you expand the farm faster by merely accomplishing different objectives. Firstly, you should learn how to unlock a farmworker in FarmVille 3. It’s pretty easier, and you only need to keep your concentration on collecting farmhand stickers after opening reward boxes, though you have an option to purchase them from the merchant. To see how many farmhands you have to use, click on the sticker button on the right side of your screen below the home icon.

Upon tapping on the sticker, the game displays the profile of the selected image. All farmhands are unique when they come to appearance and abilities. However, their profile contains the following information: Design, Level, Name, Specialization, and Requirements for Leveling Up.

How to Train Farmhands?

Getting farmhands isn’t a big deal; training workers may give you a tough time. However, it would help to keep collecting stickers by merely unlocking reward boxes available across the environment. Besides, you can visit a merchant to buy stickers.

How to Assign a Task to a specific Worker?

Keep in mind worker needs energy for the completion of objectives. Therefore, you should wait for a while; otherwise, go and buy some energy for workers watching ads or purchasing it with gems. Tap the particular item or field you want to assign it to work with. The farmhand who is an expert in the task you highlighted will appear on the scene to complete. As the task gets completed, you will receive a reward.

How to Add and Visit Neighbors?

Adding neighbors is possible in FarmVille 3, and it can be done within a few simple clicks. Firstly, you should know that neighbors can send you gifts and decorations for your farm; meanwhile, you can visit their farm to see how they are working on decorating it.

As you reach level 5, the ability to add Neighbors will be unlocked, and the game places the friendship button on the left side of your screen. But, first, you need to connect your FarmVille 3 account to your Facebook as it provides you an option to invite your friends to become your neighbors.

To visit your neighbors, you have to tap the “Friendship” button on the left side of the screen to see all of your neighbors added there. Hitting the explore tab may display random neighbors you can visit and gift, even if they aren’t added to your Facebook Friend list. So, tap the friendship button, tap the neighbor’s profile, and hit the “Visit Farm” button.

Farmville 3 Guide – Tips and Tricks

If you are new to the game, you should read FarmVille Guide – Tips and Tricks that help you learn how to expand your farm and unlock exotic animals.

  • Build your dream animal farm by merely selecting several animal breeds, including exotic animals such as Elephants and Alpacas.
  • You should keep matching and breeding animals to get a new breed whenever you get a chance. Keep in mind every new breed can produce rare farm goods.
  • After establishing your farm, join a co-op to participate in special events and unlock a variety of new animals and items.
  • We suggest you keep your eye on the weather forecast as it is perfect to plan your next strategy keeping the weather in mind.
  • You can’t proceed through the game without getting help from farmhands, such as Expert Chefs and Lumberjacks. Keep earning XPs to level farmhands up to unlock new skills and get secret recipes that can be used to improve the farming abilities of your character.
  • Don’t forget to complete daily tasks and assigned missions as they help you earn extra XPs to level up your character faster.

  • Keep all of your animals fed, and don’t forget to claim goods.
  • After that, keep growing crops, and complete tasks appear on the board. Fulfill the requirements to claim a reward box that sometimes contains common animals or sometimes rare rewards.
  • Don’t waste your coins and gems as they are hard to earn; otherwise, you can get them watching the ads or visiting a merchant to purchase them.
  • As animals fall in love, they give birth to a beautiful child that won’t ask for food for a few minutes.
  • Once you hire farmhands, keep them busy completing tasks and collecting resources for you to use and grow your farm.


FarmVille 3: Animals Guide, Tips, and Tricks come with almost everything you need to learn. Unleash your farm-building abilities and jump into the game to create a farm no one has ever made. The game starts with no difficulty level but gradually increases the speed to give you a challenging gameplay experience. Therefore, keep delivering items to earn in-game rewards and reward boxes, assigning tasks to farmhands, and upgrading farms, fields, barns, and more to grow faster.

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