Can You Escape the 100 Room 13 Level 9 Walkthrough


After coming out of the metro station, we are trapped in a room that belongs to a kid because the room is fully loaded with toys. Like other Hidden Objects, you can find hidden objects and utilize them to open the locked door. The room seems a bit creepier because someone has hanged the doll from the ceiling, and it seems the man doesn’t have any holy plans. Someone doesn’t want you to leave the room; therefore, we jump in to help you with our Can You Escape the 100 Room 13 Level 9 Walkthrough.

Can You Escape the 100 Room 13 – Level 9

You are in any kid’s room where you need a guide to find locations, holding hidden objects. Find solutions to solve the puzzle and unlock the door to escape.

  • Tap the blocks on the floor to collect one out of two coins, and before leaving the area, notice the alphabets to solve another puzzle.
  • Now, click on the treasure chest and unlock it using the alphabets and colors you found on four different blocks, such as Red (V), Blue (C), Yellow (V), and Purple (D).
  • Open the treasure box to collect the elephant statue and keep it in your inventory. After leaving the spot, go close to the painting on the left side to get a rabbit dummy.
  • Tap the treasure chest once again to discover the box with the rabbit template, select the paper rabbit from your inventory and place it on the box to unlock it for a paper clue.
  • Click on the cupboard, select and place the elephant on its door to unlock the cupboard, and collect three crayons.
  • Once again, you should close to the painting, select crayons, and fill the color following the geometric shapes printed on the boy painting and the paper clue you found from a box, such as Square (Red), Circle (Orange), and Triangle (Purple).
  • Once you complete the painting, collect it from the paper board and add it to your inventory.
  • Tap the cabinet on the right side of the exit door and place the painting on the cabinet to unlock it.
  • As you open the cabinet, you may discover four different animals you have to set on the cupboard to get four other items, such as a second coin, carrot, fish skeleton, plant seed, and a bone.
  • Go back to the cabinet and feed the animals, following their taste like dogs love to eat bone while cats love fish. There’s a drawer between four animals, and it will open once you feed all animals to collect a paper.
  • Above the cabinet, you may discover a painting where two pieces are missing. Add both pieces there from your inventory to play a mini-game.
  • Your objective is to set shapes following the paper you got after solving animal puzzles to complete the game.
  • After solving a puzzle, obtain a rail track and place it next to the train to bring it out for a clue.
  • On the right side of the window, you can see the scenery, and your objective is to add a ticket you found from a train there to start a mini-game.

  • Solve the puzzle following the clue kept on the board’s right side and collect a key as a secret box gets opened.
  • Select and use the key to unlock the door and escape the room to reach level 10.

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