Can You Escape the 100 Room 13 Level 12 Walkthrough


A few days have been left to Christmas, but it seems the event reached early to the game. Having said that means there are lots of Christmas decorations available to welcome you as you enter the room. To get the key, you have to wait for the Santa Clause, who leaves you a lot of gifts holding the key to open the door and escape. If you didn’t get the key yet, read Escape the 100 Room 13 Level 12 Walkthrough to learn how to obtain it and escape to reach a new level.

Can You Escape the 100 Room 13 Walkthrough – Level 12

It’s Christmas time as everywhere the room is fully decorated with beautiful lights and Christmas Trees. There are many objects available, and indeed the completion of Escape the 100 Room 13 won’t be easy. Read our walkthrough to find all solutions and answers.

  • Head to the table to obtain a Christmas Decoration Bell and place it along with others on the board fixed in the front wall.
  • Tap the scenery on the right side to discover four different leave types that you must set on the same board where you recently placed a bell.

  • A secret section opens as you solve the mystery, collect a tiny snowman from there and add it to your inventory.
  • Head to the floor, tap the van and add the snowman there to play a mini-game to bring the same item below following the images and collect two puzzle pieces.

  • On the left side above the wardrobe, you can discover a wind fan. Add both puzzle pieces to the wind fan house and solve the puzzle to obtain another puzzle piece.

  • Head to the red gift box, place the puzzle piece there to unlock it, and collect a watering can. Tap the fireplace to blow up the fire using the watering can and collect a knife from there.
  • Use the knife to cut the sofa on the left side and obtain Christmas-themed socks.
  • Go close to the fireplace and hang on your socks there for a Santa Claus gift. Wait for a while until the Santa comes; after that, dismantle the present to get a key, use it to unlock the door, and go through it to escape room 12.

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