Bitlife Guide: How to Complete the Manic Mother Challenge in BitLife


Without any doubt, BitLife is one of the best Life-Simulation games on mobile devices. It offers you a chance to enjoy virtual life in the way you want. Although the game doesn’t feature any multiplayer functionality, still you won’t get bored because it has tons of fun-filled activities to be engaged in for endless hours. Start your journey with a newborn baby who gradually grows as you hit the “+” button. You have the power to choose your school, subjects, colleges, universities, and career. Despite introducing hundreds of fun-filled challenges, the developers are continuously throwing a new challenge every week.

We have recently covered Schwarzenegger Challenge in BitLife back in June. Now, we are here with the Manic Mother Challenge Guide. If you are familiar with the Bitlife game, you know that the developer releases a new challenge every week, and the Manic Mother Challenge is released this week. After the release of the challenge, players are out to search “how to complete Bitlife Manic Mother Challenge.” If you are one of those, take a look at the details and learn how to complete it.

How to Complete Manic Mother Challenge in Bitlife?

If you have already completed Bitlife challenges before, surely you would be familiar with the game and how it fuses real-life dilemmas with a twist of craziness. To complete the Manic Mother Challenge, you have to follow the steps given below:

  • Born as a Girl
  • You should have 10+ Baby Daddies
  • Don’t forget to insult each of your children
  • Abandoned your children
  • Marry a man who has 2+ kids
  • Insult your stepchildren

Born as a Female and have 10+ Baby Daddies

As mentioned above, you should be born as a female character for the completion of the Manic Mother Challenge. You don’t need to follow the order as given above, as tasks can be completed in any order easier to you. Your first goal is to have 10+ baby daddies that can be done by going out on a date with Non-player Characters, though you have to bear their children for a while.

Insult Your Kids and Abandon them

The completion of the third and fourth steps is only possible when you give birth to your children. After having babies, you should insult and abandoned each of them. If you don’t know how to abandon a kid, then here’s a guide: Click on Baby’s profile and choose the option to abandon them.

Note: Here you must make sure twice before abandoning any kids that you have insulted each one well. And you can’t insult them when they are learning to crawl, wait for a while until they reach their certain age.

Marry a Man with 2+ Babies

Once you completed the above tasks, embark on a journey to find a man having 2 or more babies. The best thing to find your targeted man is to search your list of those guys who you dated. To check whether the selected character has babies or not, tap on his profile. Keep in mind that the completion of the fifth step may take some time so be patient. Once you find the man with two kids, marry him instantly and move on for the completion of your last task.

Insult Your Stepchildren

To complete the Manic Mother Challenge, you have to insult the kids of the man you get married to. Repeat the third step for the completion of the last step. Once you complete all steps, congratulation you have assumed the role of a Manic Mom brilliantly and now the challenge has been over. Furthermore, the game will leave you an item as a reward for completing the Manic Mother Challenge.

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