Bitlife Guide: How to Complete Legally Blonde Challenge in Bitlife


New BitLife challenge has reached, titled Legally Blonde Challenge. To complete the challenge, you have to accomplish four objectives; each has different requirements. Before starting, you should know that all characters and events introduced in Bitlife are fictional. The choices you make during the gameplay will determine the outcome; similarly, you have lots of options for choosing your career. Having said that means you are allowed to be a doctor, a teacher, or a criminal. You can adopt pets and earn your living doing your dream job. Whenever you die, the game grants you a Ribbon that highlights all deeds you did in your entire life as well as it depends on the career you choose.

How to Complete Legally Blonde Challenge in Bitlife?

Following its tradition, Bitlife is releasing a new challenge every week. This time, “Legally Blonde Challenge” is a newly released challenge, and most players are looking for its solutions. To complete the challenge, you have to fulfill the following objectives first:

  • Be Born a Female in California
  • Have a Chihuahua named Bruiser
  • Be Initiated a Sorority
  • Get Accepted into Law School with 100% Looks

These are four objectives you should accomplish at any cost. If you are already playing as a female character who took birth in California, it could be a plus point for you; if not, start a new life.

Be Born a Female in California

To complete the first objective, you have to be born as a female character in California by merely choosing female as your gender and selecting the USA as your birthplace.

Note: Keep in mind that your character should be born with great looks when starting a new life.

Have a Chihuahua named Bruiser

Your second objective is to obtain a Chihuahua that is only possible when you visit any Pet Store, Animal Shelter, or Dog Breeder with two possible options: purchase or adopt one. After purchasing or adapting Chihuahua, don’t forget to name it “Bruiser” to accomplish the second objective.

Be Initiated a Sorority

Keep your “Smart Stats” high when studying at your High School, so you can quickly get into a sorority upon going to college. If you don’t know how to keep your smart stats high, here’s a solution: Visit the Library to read books and be obedient. Next to that, join college with your significant subjects of English or Political Science. Once all is done, get into a sorority.

Get Accepted into Law School with 100% Looks

After completing your four years of study in college, ensure you got a degree either in English or Political Science, as mentioned above. Besides, work on your looks and attempt to keep it above 90%; however, you can also maintain your looks by visiting Gym and Salon. After that, apply for a High Law College after graduating.

Remember, you don’t need to fall into unwanted activities as your priority should be to keep your Smart and Look Stats high.

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