Adventure Escape: Midnight Carnival Chapter 6 Walkthrough


After leaving the Magic Show in Midnight Carnival Chapter 5, both characters reach The Ferris Wheel (Midnight Carnival Chapter 6). Here the female protagonist named Maya finds Jack badly tapped in a Ferris wheel. Now, the ultimate goal of Maya is to bring Jack down at any cost. Though the fifth chapter is a bit tricky, no one knows what you find in Chapter 6 as there are lots of challenges await you. Unravel your hidden object skills and embark on a journey to solve all challenging levels to become the master. Although the game won’t reward you with the title of best Detective in the real world, it shows you a way how to find hidden objects.

Moreover, Haiku released Adventure Escape Mysteries: Midnight Carnival for both mobile devices, Android and iOS. The game is also available on Steam to play on Windows and macOS for free. If you puzzle-solving master, then you don’t need any money to play; if you aren’t, purchasing in-game stars will cost you a lot and you know why you need stars. To complete chapter 6, follow our Adventure Escape: Midnight Carnival Chapter 6 Walkthrough Guide.

Midnight Carnival Walkthrough – Chapter 6

The sixth chapter starts with Maya who is in search of Jack and it seems he has lost in the Park. Start finding hidden object items to deal with the mystery and find a way to solve it as soon as possible.

  • Tap the board between the horse and cart to collect a Mosaic Tile. The board also reveals a bow that you can’t pick up without an arrow. Don’t forget to count how many teeth the images of jokers have above the horse ride, 4, 3, and 2.
  • Clicking the tent will lead you to another area where you must add a Mosaic Tile to the wall to open a secret cupboard. As the door opens, you should collect an arrow and a bat. Now, tap on the joker statue and enter the code (432) to collect a flower Garland.
  • Move back to the main area and add garland to the horse to collect an Allen Wrench. Use the arrow to collect the bow.

Second Area

  • Go back to the joker statue where you have to use a bow and arrow to bring the pumpkin down.
  • Use the bat to open the pumpkin and discover candies.

Main Area

Once again, you should visit the main area.  Head to the cart and add all candies there that you have collected from a pumpkin.

  • Here you have to play a mini-game to make a balance between all three jars by adding candies and bring their weight needles to the yellow section.
  • For that, you have to add (three golden and one red ball) to the first, add (two green, one red, and one colorful ball) to the second jar, and add (two green, one red, and one colorful) to the third jar. The completion of the puzzle will reward you with gum.

Third Area

Click on the left side of the main area to visit the third place where you have to use the Allen Wrench to open the machine.

  • Use the gum to stop the sparking and play a mini-game where your goal is to connect all the wires to run the Ferris wheel and bring Jack down.

Next to that, a few seconds you spend reading the discussion between Jack and Maya. 

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