100 Doors Games 2020: Escape from School Walkthrough


100 Doors Games 2020: Escape from School engages you in point-and-click and Single-player Puzzle gameplay experience, brought to you by Peaksel Games. Up to 100 challenging levels of hidden object awaits you, and each one requires the finding of hidden objects and completion of the puzzles to unlock further. This time, the game takes place in a fascinating school of 100 rooms, where your goal is to find objects by merely tapping on the screen and use them to unlock the doors. The first level starts with an introduction and tutorial on how to find objects to locate the key.

Moreover, the game challenges you to unlock 100 doors playing the game and involves you finding objects, solving tricky puzzles, and escaping room with a brand-new Mobile Game takes place in a school-themed environment. Get ready for endless fun, because the developer promises to introduce new doors regularly, so there’s no end. However, the game seems easy to play, hard to master when playing. It requires you to use wits for the completion of stages, as by merely tapping on the screen won’t open any door to let you escape easily.

Keep in mind that only the smartest people are considering eligible for taking on assets of 100 doors available in the game. Are you smart enough to defeat all of its tricky levels by solving puzzles?

Storyline – Help Mya

Unlike other Hidden Object and Puzzle games, 100 Doors Games 2020 introduces a well-written storyline that follows a female protagonist, named Mya, who gets locked up in her school and seeking for your help. Your ultimate goal is to open one-hundred doors to help the female character in escaping the room to find the exit so she can go back to her home because her parents are worried about Mya. To open doors, you should find hidden objects, and solve tricky puzzles your way using the items you collected. The main entrance of the school will get opened once you unlock all 100 doors for your character to escape.

Introduction of Hint System and Fortune Wheel

100 Doors Games 2020 rewards you with in-game coins for unlocking each door, and you can use these coins to purchase hints, as a beautiful hint system is introduced in the game to help you out when you find yourself trapped in a specific stage. Using the hint system will highlight the object to collect and add to your inventory, as well as a skip option is also there, letting you leave the stage without completing, and move on to the next one. Test your fortune by spinning the Lucky Wheel, and lots of rewards will be added to your inventory if you’re lucky.

Walkthrough – Play Brain Games

As mentioned above, there are a series of 100 levels and each one is offering you a unique environment to navigate and collect items for the completion of Puzzles. It features endless re-playabilities and lets you visit any completed level any time to play again. The soundtrack is relaxing and will engage you for endless hours of fun. During the gameplay, something you find yourself in the chemistry lab, space, and other environments where you have an option to move in time to play brain games. Each level brings a variety of cool animations while giving you logical tasks to accomplish. Amazing graphics and special attention are beautifully crafted in detail, offering you simple to play, tough to beat stages. You don’t need any Internet connection to play the game, as it lets you complete levels in Offline Mode.

Note: Each level comes with a unique puzzle, and the game becomes more complicated as you make progress

100 Doors Games 2020 Walkthrough – Level 1 to 5

Level 1

The first level is a tutorial making you understand how to unlock the doors. At the early stage, you can easily open a door by merely hitting the button placed next to the door. It seems the first level takes place in the classroom where you are trapped and need to escape. Following the floating hand, and tap the red-colored button to escape.

Level 2

Completion of the first level leads you to the 2nd level, where you find yourself standing in the principle room having a briefcase, tables, the world’s map, and a few tables. To open the door, you have to move the map placed in a cupboard by sliding your finger from left to right, and the door will open.

Level 3

Are you ready to unlock the third door? This time, you find yourself in the playground where you find a bench, bicycle, and a door. You should see a key hanging over a tree to open the door. Once found, you must rub the tree to fall the key and pick it up to open the door.

Level 4

There are trolley and lots of books available in a library. A unique puzzle is here to solve, and this time, you may get puzzled because you don’t know where to tap. Don’t 100 Doors Games 2020: Escape from School Walkthrough will help you to solve all available puzzles. You need to remove the blocks right after the trolley’s wheels and tilt your device to the right side. Once the trolley touches the wall, the door will open to lead you to the next level.

Level 5

The game takes you to a biology lab, where you discover a skeleton, a fish jar, and other equipment. To complete the stage, you need to drop the brown-colored bottle laid on the table right after the fish jar and collect a key of the door. Once the bottle gets broken, you find a key, tap on that key, and drag it from your inventory to the door.

100 Doors Games 2020 Walkthrough – Level 6 to 10

After completing the first five levels with primary difficulty, 100 Doors Games 2020: Escape from School Walkthrough welcomes you to the next five challenging levels, where you must use your puzzle-solving skills to become the master. In these stages, you may have to play mini-games, and the completion of challenges leads you to the next level.

Level 6

Here’s a mini-game (Tic-Toe) that you have to play with Smart AI (Artificial Intelligence). Upon winning the game, the door will get open for you to move to the next stage.

Level 7

The playground is here, containing a huge door along with brown-colored buttons of sports-related characters and equipment. Your ultimate goal is to tap the equipment and then its related player, click all images correctly, and open the door.

Level 8

It could be a severe level for you because it contains the smallest object for you required to reveal the password of the door to unlock it. First of all, try to find a small pen available right after a jar, and use it to draw something on the whitepaper board. Moving it across the board will help you grab the password, and you unlock the door by merely typing it to a lock placed near the door.

  • Grab a Pen
  • Draw on Whitepaper Board
  • Input the Code (8972)

Level 9

Majority of the school’s places you visited, now the game is going you introduce with the music room, where you find a lot of musical instrument, and your ultimate goal is a bit tricky, as you have to find three parts of a guitar and connect them to open the door.

  • Tap on a broken guitar right after the green chair, and add to your inventory
  • Pick up a stick next to a table as shown in the image
  • Collect wire available before the door, and add to your inventory
  • Now, connect all collected items on a stand to open the door

Level 10

The 10th level is fun to play, as it comes with two lights, such as Green and Red. You can quickly alphabets are written on the board, and upon using your brain, you come to know that you have to tap the button in the given orders, like A for Red button and P for green. Follow the given order of the alphabet, and start tapping the button to unlock.

100 Doors Games 2020 Walkthrough – Level 11 to 15

For sure, after completing the first ten levels, the difficulty levels will be increased because now you have to find more than two objects in each item and combine or use them to open the door. The next five levels’ walkthrough of 100 Doors Games 2020 are available; let’s get started.

Level 11

Welcome back to the chemistry lab, where you face off a challenging puzzle to complete, unlike others. It would be best if you were stuck over here and needed to use the hint feature to highlight the objects you have to collect. Don’t collect items highlighted in the image, and come to know how to unlock the next door. To complete the level, you need to collect two bottles of Na and H2O, and don’t forget to grab the dynamite.

  • Mix both bottles you collected from the lab to make fire
  • Keep the dynamite nearby the door, and burn it using the fire you caused by mixing two chemicals
  • The door will open with a massive blast, and you can easily escape

Level 12

The game takes you to a canteen, where you find lots of yummy food, as well as a set of chairs and tables to sit over there to have breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It brings a unique puzzle to complete, and you find a red-colored pot right before the door, and there’s no doubt that it would be hot as usual. There’s a key inside the pot, and you must remove its cover to have it. Don’t forget to wear gloves before picking up the key.

  • Collect Gloves
  • Remove the Pot’s Cover
  • Pick the key, and open the door

Level 13

Are you ready for more challenging Puzzles? Don’t forget to improve your puzzle-solving skills, as it is the key to success. The thirteen starts with a female character named Mya, who informs you to find a scissor by zooming in the hanging flower. To complete the puzzle, you need four items to collect first of all, such as Cutter, Water Cane, Seeds, and Spoon, as your ultimate goal is to grow flowers in an empty pot by filling it with soil, sowing seeds, and adding water.

  • First of all, collect Cutter from hanging flowers
  • Grab a packet of seeds laid right before the door
  • Collect a water cane and add to your inventory
  • Lastly, tap the spoon

Once all items are collected, choose the cutter to remove the rope along with a flowerpot hanging. Now, you must select the spoon to pick up some soil to add in an empty pot and sow seeds. Now, give water, and lets the flower grow to have a key for you to unlock the door.

Level 14

Once again, you’re back in the library, but this time, there’s no trolley. Only lots of books and a hanging coat are available over there. Upon finding, you will discover a paper coming out from the coat, and what you see the numbers written over there, it seems like a code to open the security door.

Level 15

The level 15th takes place in the drawing-room, and you might have known that you have completed a puzzle before in the same drawing-room. Leave it, and back to the puzzle. This time, your task is quite interesting as you have to fill the colors in the butterfly following the image of that object.

100 Doors Games 2020 Walkthrough – Level 16 to 20

The difficulty level increases as you progress through the game. The completion of the first fifteen stages will add up a lot of coins in your wallet, and you can use to purchase hints and level skips.

Level 16

It takes place in a workshop, where lots of repairing tools and a bus are available. You should find objects required to complete the puzzle. Tap on the fuel cane, nozzle, and a key to add in your inventory. You see the fuel cane under the table, and a nozzle right after the door.

The key is laid below the bus that you can use to unlock the chamber of the bus to refill the fuel on its tank. Using the key will let you start the bus and make it aside. Once the bus is gone, you find a box containing access to the door.

Level 17

The 17th level is a bit tricky, as it requires a collection of up to 4 items to unlock a box first, then the door. First of all, your ultimate goal is to collect three screwdrivers across the level and use it to open a package containing a key to unlock the door. The first screwdriver is available right after the liver is placed on a pipe to control the pressure.

  • Collect the Screwdriver
  • Pick up Cutter and break the box
  • Gather two more screwdrivers
  • Open the box laid on the shelve to get a key

Level 18

In the level 18th, you find yourself trapped in a doctor clinic, where you must solve a tricky puzzle to escape. The completion of the puzzle isn’t as easy as you’re considering, as it only displays your butterfly on three different places, along with a formula of N*12. Count all available butterflies, and multiply those with 12, the outcome will be 240. Add the result to the locker, and the door will get opened.

Level 19

Are to play an exciting game? If yes, then the level 19 brings an exciting mini-game to play. Control the bucket, and start collecting basketballs while avoiding to gather others. You can control the bucket by merely sliding your finger after holding the bucket, from left to right. After collecting six balls, the main door of the sports room will get upon to let you move on to the next stage.

Level 20

Welcome to another mini-game, as level 20 comes with a tricky puzzle to complete. The completion of the puzzle will open the door to let you go, but first, you have to complete the puzzle. A book is kept on the table, and you have to tap the weapon and its related ammo to complete the puzzle.

100 Doors Games 2020 Walkthrough – Level 21 to 25

Level 21

The world map was torn into several pieces by someone else, and your ultimate goal is to connect components to repair the map. Once done, the door will get opened.

Level 22

Once again, you find yourself standing in the chemistry lab where you have to solve a puzzle to get out. The completion of the puzzle isn’t easy as it seems; you may face off difficulty upon finding objects because the game doesn’t provide you a list of items you have to find; there’s it is a bit tricky than others.

Connect the pieces of endoscope on a table you find empty in the room and tap the endoscope once it gets ready. It reveals the number in the following order (7290). Input the number to the security locker, and the door will open.

Level 23

The completion of 22 levels leads you to a canteen, where you a tricky puzzle await you to be get completed. Upon reaching over here, find found food spread on the floor, and it seems dirty. You must clean it, open the door, and move on to the next stage.

Level 24

The beautiful garden contains a mind-bending puzzle to complete, and it may prove the difficult one to achieve. Your ultimate goal starts by picking up the following objects, such as:

  1. Spoon
  2. Cutter
  3. Iron Stick
  4. A knife

First of all, you should pick up an iron rod to break the wooden box containing a bag

Use a knife to cut the bag, and take some food using the spoon you collected from the land

Give some food to the parrot to let him speak the password to open the door (48475)

Level 25

An angry dog awaits you at level 25. First of all, you should find a way how to calm down the dog and open the door to escape. For sure, there should be dog food somewhere. What you think, where it should be? See the tree on the screen, there is something like a cane, and yes, it’s dog food. Who will climb the tree, as there’s no one over there? Wait a minute, and there’s a ladder that could help you in climbing the tree for the dog food hanging around there. Use a ladder, and give food to the dog to escape.

100 Doors Games 2020 Walkthrough – Level 26 to 30

As I told you before, the difficulty level increases as you approach high stages. I had to use the hint system to complete the stage.

Level 26

A complicated type of puzzle is there, a few boards are hanging over there, and each one contains a unique alphabet. Your ultimate goal is to find the word and make them appear on the board to complete the puzzle. The words are (MOZART).

Level 27

Again, the game takes you to a workshop where you find a set of tires laid on the table, and your ultimate goal is to complete the puzzle using that tires. The door is locked using security set up, and you need a passcode to unlock it. The passcode is 264, and upon inputting, the door will be opened.

Level 28

You find yourself trapped in a room where wiring is sparking, water is continuously leaking from a pipe, while the door is locked.

  • Collect a Tape
  • Pick up a Stick and pad
  • Take out a ranch from the drawer, and tide the nuts to stop the leakage, but before don’t forget to clean the water spread across the floor
  • Tap on the board to open the door

Level 29

You find yourself trapped in a room where wiring is sparking, water is continuously leaking from a pipe, while the door is locked.

  • Collect a Tape
  • Pick up a Stick and pad
  • Take out a ranch from the drawer, and tide the nuts to stop the leakage, but before don’t forget to clean the water spread across the floor
  • Tap on the board to open the door

Level 30

There’s a door that contains images of different animals. You must manage them to follow the order given to the image. First, start with Punk, Frog, Snake, and then whale to complete the puzzle.

100 Doors Games 2020 Walkthrough – Level 31 to 35

Keep earning coins as it will help you in unlocking hints. The more clues available at your disposal, the more quickly you complete the levels. Don’t forget to earn extra coins by watching ads, as the completion of level rewards you with only 30 coins while watching ads will reward you with up to 200 rewards.

Level 31

Get ready to play a mini-game using basketball. As the level starts, you find seven different basketballs laid on the floor. You have a total of seven seconds, and you must put all of the balls to the bucket to earn points. Once you put all balls on the bucket, the door will open to escape.

Level 32

Start completing puzzles by merely picking up glue from a drawer and pieces of paper from atop of the table. Tap on the board right behind the curtains, spread glue, and try to connect paper to complete the puzzle.

Level 33

It is entirely different as you find different alphabets and symbols across the study class, and your ultimate goal is to recognize each symbol and alphabet and add them to their relevant box to complete the puzzle.

Level 34

There’s a mathematical question, and answering the question will open up the door to escape. The passcode is 082.

Level 35

You should open up the door by counting the number of colors. There are different flags available, and each one contains various colors. The game added different colors in a row, and it lets you find out the number of shades of each one and add to the locker to open the door.

100 Doors Games 2020 Walkthrough – Level 36 to 40

For now, you might have known that the environment is repeating again and again. Completion of each level will make your introduction with the female character, as it is your ultimate goal to escape the girl out of the school.

Level 36

The school canteen is full of flies, and your goal is to make them escape or kill. You find a stick with a flat mouth, and your ultimate task is to kill flies to complete the puzzle and open the door.

Level 37

It sets in a garden, where you must pick up a water cane and give water to a pot where the flower is continuously started rotten. Once done, begin counting flowers of different colors as it may reveal the passcode you are seeking to open the door.

Level 38

It assigns you a complicated task to complete. Level 38 takes place in the library, where you find four different light bulbs. You should find out a way that how many times you need to tap each one to open the door.

  • Hit the yellow-colored bulb four times
  • Red-colored button 4 times
  • Tap the blue-colored bulb three times
  • Click the green-colored bulb five times

Level 39

Approximately the game takes you to the chemistry lab fourth to the fifth time, where you are supposed to open up the door once again. There’s a paper laid on the table, containing a set of complex numbers. See the image above to reveal the passcode and open the door.

Level 40

Have you ever played a snake game on old mobile phones? If yes, then the game is going to offer you a chance to relive your memory. In this game, you need to control a colorful snake to eat a green-colored apple. Once you eat all fifteen apples, the door will open to let you go to the next stage.

100 Doors Games 2020 Walkthrough – Level 41 to 45

Without polishing your puzzle-solving skills, never allow you to complete any puzzle. Lots of replayability option grants you a chance to play as many times as possible to complete the game. The prominent features won’t end over here, as the game introduced fully detailed graphics and fabulous animations to keep you engaged for hours of fun. 100 Doors Games 2020 Walkthrough reveals the secrets to complete the next ten levels.

Level 41

From the level of 20, the game has started to introduce mini-game to play. Similar to the previous stage, you have to play an outstanding game. The game features a board containing flags of different countries and some traditional foods. You must tap the flag and its special dish to complete the puzzle.

Level 42

You complete the puzzle that takes place in the workshop. In this puzzle, you will deal with different vehicle number plates and two similar types of boxes. Each number plate has a map, and you must find the placed on the box and add the number following the map available on the number plate. After that, you find two pieces of paper from these two boxes; upon joining, you can easily open the door to escape.

Level 43

The game becomes harder and harder as you start visiting high stages. This time, you have to repair the painting, which is split into several pieces. Connecting the pieces of artwork will open the door and let you escape to the next one.

Level 44

Welcome back to the basement; this time, you find the pipe get started to leak, and you should need to solve the puzzle. Firstly, you have to tap on the handle to make it close, pick up a bottle, and give a shower to the dirty board.

Collect and use the cloth to clean the dirt from there, and it will reveal a formula you have to follow to obtain the code to unlock the door. The game shows you the value of a = 6, while the value of b = 2. Now, you must add, divide, and multiply the values of both A and B to get the answer.

Level 45

At level 45, you have to play another mini-game revolving around a shield split into three rotatable pieces. Your ultimate goal is to arrange the drawing properly by rotating parts and unlock the door to move to the next level to earn in-game points.

100 Doors Games 2020 Walkthrough – Level 46 to 50

The addition of wild animals is fantastic, as it makes the game a bit more entertaining to play. It would help if you played with the deadliest insects and animals to solve tricky puzzles and struggling to earn in-game points whether to unlock hints or skips. The game doesn’t feature any time limit; therefore, you have limitless time to complete the puzzle. While playing the game, try to enjoy the relaxing music and take your time required for the completion of puzzles.

Level 46

It takes place in a familiar location where you find snakes and other deadly insects. A box was placed over there, and your goal is to drag targeted insects and drop them on the box. First of all, you should drop the spider, then Scorpio, and lastly, the snake moving ahead of the box to open the door.

Level 47

Tapping the musical instrument available in the room will reveal four different personalities, and you must hit the image of characters following the given orders (434).

Level 48

The game takes you back to the hospital room, where you must collect the following items, such as:

  • Three Bottles of different colors
  • An Injection from the dustbin
  • Take injection and suck the liquid to add into the machine

Once all available empty spaces get filled, the game reveals a number (9371) that you can use to unlock the door and move to the next stage to become the master.

Level 49

Many you have played the football game in real, but playing it with holes instead of players would be difficult. Similarly, the game features a football mini-game placed nearby the door you are trying to open. You must lead the ball to end for a goal and open the door to unlock additional content.

Level 50

100 Doors Games 2020 isn’t only featuring hidden object levels, as it comes with mathematics questions and a lot of mini-games. The game completion of questions and games will leave you rewards in the form of coins that you can use to unlock hints and skips to use when you are stuck anywhere severely.

The fifth level comes with a complicated mathematical question, and without solving that question, you can’t get out of the room because a locker was placed nearby the door. So, try to solve the problem wrote on the board and found the answer. Input 120 to the keypad lock and open the door to the next stages.

100 Doors Games 2020 Walkthrough – Level 51 to 55

Level 51

Do you love filling gas in balloons and let them fly in the air to move freely? If yes, then consider your dream comes true, as the game features two balloons and two different types of gasses. Firstly, you have to find and collect two balloons, and then collect a bottle and a cylinder containing helium gas, and you might know about the game. Fill both balloons with gas, and take them near the door to open it.

Level 52

It is offering a cool puzzle to complete. You must find objects and start completing puzzles using the items you added to your inventory.

  • Pick up a Screwdriver
  • Remove the Window to pick up a key and a switch
  • Add the switch to the yellow-colored box to make the appearance of a chain
  • Slide the chain nearby the engine, and to-chain it to carry
  • Slide the wooden piece to grab a key
  • Open the door and escape

Level 53

Find the missing pieces, and add them to their proper place to complete the puzzle. Now, each level is coming with a mini-game to play, and become tougher to play.

  1. The first piece is hanging over the flowers
  2. Second and third pieces are right below the flower pots
  3. 4th piece is available on the leaf

Start playing the game by adding the missing pieces to open the gate.

Level 54

How to open the door? The most challenging question you may ask yourself before starting the game. In this level, you need to pick up cheese laid on the chair, slide the water cane by swiping your finger, give the cheese to the rat, and grab a key to open the door.

Level 55

Again, a mathematics question is here, asking you to choose signs, and place them properly that the answers of both sides should be equal. Start solving the question by adding the “Plus” sign between 7 and 2, and adding “Minus” between 39 and 30. Don’t forget to add “Equal” sign between 2 and 39. 7 + 2 = 39 – 30. Don’t forget to help the female characters on other levels; you can easily achieve all stages by merely using the hint system if you find them difficult to complete.


Without a doubt, playing a hidden object video game is fun to play, especially when they come with sleek visual effects and detailed graphics. Developers did a great job of introducing a relaxing soundtrack and challenging puzzles to complete. No one can stop himself/herself from becoming addicted to it because of the game’s simple art and pleasant music that attracts players to engage themselves for endless hours of fun. The difficulty level increases when the developer doesn’t feature any tutorial or user guide. Similarly, you won’t find any tutorial to expect the first two levels to complete the puzzle. With stunning graphics, superb mechanics, and smooth touch controls, 100 Doors Games 2020: Escape from School is a fascinating game to play.

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