AFK Arena Walkthrough


The Role-playing is a popular genre among others, attracting players because of its detailed gameplay, character development, XPs, and more. AFK Arena is bringing you to a beautiful mix of Stunning Beauty and Classic RPG game elements, kicking you back in the fascinating arena to enjoy a well-written storyline. No doubt, the game features fabulous game graphics, and it comes with high-quality visual effects.

However, the storyline follows the protagonist, who is indeed and looking for your help. Do you have enough guts to help him? You’re not limited to a specific hero, as the game has a cast of multiple heroes, belonging from seven unique factions. Each character class comes with a unique personality and playstyle that grants the player unique abilities against dark forces to take on and claim rewards effortlessly.

Assemble Your Team of Heroes

As mentioned above, lots of heroes are there, and each comes with a unique personality and melee weapons to use. The dark forces are gradually taking over the land, and innocent people are hoping heroes who appear from the sky and restore peace once again. In short, you are their last hope; therefore, you should assemble a team of heroes and start fighting against evil forces who are the same in numbers as your team has so that the competition will be tough. The power of evil forces will increase after the interval of time, and increment in control will give you a tough time. Before landing, you should assemble your team of powerful heroes and participate in a competition against villains to defeat them.

Experience Turn-based Combat

Similar to other RPGs, the game focuses on the Turn-based Combat, pitting two teams having the same number of members against each other, and the last standing team will win the match. Both teams will start the battle from the basic level 1, but as the game rewards you with gems and other in-game currencies, you become capable of leveling up your heroes to not only boost their powers but unlock additional skills, too. Using diamonds, you can unlock other characters with exquisite power, which will help you dominate the battlefield.

The turn-based battle lets you attack enemies using weapons you character equipped with and defeat them as soon as possible. So forge your forces to repel the invading armies of evil that are invading the existence of Esperia, where the game takes place, containing a series of areas to explore. Each character comes with a unique storyline, powers, and appearance. However, unfolding their background stories will keep you engage for endless hours of fun, as each one is varied in the story.

Introduction of Ezio in AFK Arena

You would be happy to know that the most beloved character, “Ezio,” has joined the Dimensional, and he is ready to be your permanent hero, so strengthen your character with powerful equipment to become the master and dominate the world.

Let Your Hero Fight Enemies when You Are Offline

Letting heroes to battle for you against enemies when you’re offline, is a great feature. When you back online, lots of treasure boxes, gems, and other in-game currency awaits you to be claimed, and it will help you in unlocking new aspects of the game. Although you need an internet connection to play the game, when you offline, you don’t need to command your team, as they are under the control of a smart AI (Artificial Intelligence), guiding him following your playstyle.

Hone Skills of Your Heroes

Like other RPGs, honing skills of playable heroes are compulsory, because it provides you with new powers and abilities for dominating enemies and their bosses. Having a collection of powerful heroes would help you battle against any enemy, whether they are demons, witch, evils, or more. The game introduces seven different playable factions, and it lets you choose your favorite one to assemble a team and start your career as a hero to save the world from destruction.

Note: Being a lucky guy isn’t enough, as you need a unique strategy planner to dominate others.

The Huge World Map

You aren’t limited to one territory for navigation, as the game brings a massive map that contains up to twenty domains to explore, like the following:

  1. Ramshorn City
  2. Bastion of the Elements
  3. Yggdrasil
  4. Tomb of Ancients
  5. Desert Sanctuary
  6. Mauler’s Enclave
  7. Malden
  8. King’s Mense
  9. The Abandoned
  10. Island of the Banished
  11. Mire Town
  12. The Ancient Ruins
  13. The Old Mine
  14. Hoarfrost Ridge
  15. Abandonment
  16. The White Woods
  17. Esperance
  18. Monastery
  19. Sanctum
  20. The Barred Gate

Each location has a variety of levels, and each one level focuses on turn-based battles. It will help if you keep leveling up your character to gain new abilities to make them powerful so they can quickly confront enemies and their epic bosses. Upon playing, you find out that lots of challenging adventures are there; each one takes you to long-forgotten land where a series of challenges await you.

Introduction of Latest Heroes

Recently, AFK Arena has introduced four new playable characters who join you in epic fights, and their names are the following:

  1. Daimon

She belongs to Gravebornicon faction, and lands to the game with four unique hero skills, such as Soul Feast, Blood Shield, Inanimate Companion, and Forbidden Power. Daimon can deal with up to 260% damage to all enemy targets. In case you already unlocked the character, then the ability of “Blood Shield” can be used against two enemies simultaneously with the max health power. When you’re playing with her shield, she could easily suffer up to 35% of the damage received by allies, but won’t die. At level 81, you can deal with three enemies at once, and the damage rate will be increased to 300%, amazing!

  1. Drez

A hunter, which comes from the faction of Maulersicon, has a rare occurrence. The heroic skills of the characters are the following: such as Deadly Ambush, Bloody Evisceration, Tactical Retreat, and the Rabid Slice. Drez is capable of rushing to the weakest enemies, and he is master in melee attacks. At level 81, upon killing the targets, up to 400 energy of the character will be restored.

  1. Ezio

Ezio is an assassin and knows how to kill enemies silently as he is master in the following hero skills, such as Eagle Vision, Final Retribution, Smoke Bomb, and Evasion. He is famous for marking all of his enemies with Execution Threshold markers.

  1. Theowyn

She was born in the family of Bantus Nobility and was adopted by the royal family when she was a child. The superior hero skills of that character are the following, such as Song of Mourning, Spectral Curse, Haunting Specter, and Spectral Divergence.

Prominent Events

Participating in events will grant you endless rewards and prizes required for unlocking extra stuff of the game. Although the game is available for free-to-play, it supports the micro-transaction model and provides you with premium stuff in exchange for real-world cash. The prominent events of the game are the following:

  • Summer Event
  • The Misty Valley
  • Magician Hat and Grotesque Mage Event

Seven different Factions

Already mentioned above that the game comes with seven playable factions, and each one is varied in power, statistics, weapons, and secret abilities. Each faction comprises a series of heroes of different influences. Before making selecting, you should check The Best AFK Arena Character Tier List to see which will be in your favor on the battlefield against powerful enemies and their epic bosses. Seven Playable Factions of AFK Arena are the following:

  • Dimensionals
  • Graveborn
  • Maulers
  • Lightbearers
  • Wilders
  • Celestials
  • Hypogean

Every week, the game introduces AFK Arena Redemption codes, which you can redeem for free in-game rewards. However, these codes are usually for specific events and only work over there. It would help if you kept in mind that codes will appear and work for a limited time. Nowadays, trending AFK Arena codes are the following: UF4SHQJNGQ, HARURUAFK, YUJAESEOK, AFK888, and MISEVJ66YI.

AFK Arena Walkthrough

Before start playing, you should need to know regarding in-game items and other aspects, including Gold, Diamonds, Green Heroes, Daily Rewards, and more. The collection of diamonds will let you unlock additional characters and include them in your team. Before spending, you should learn to use diamonds as it is one of the most valuable currencies in the game.

How to Spend Diamonds in AFK Arena?

Whenever you start playing the game, you should avoid purchasing Hero Essence or other gears because these are items you can easily obtain in the game anyway. Spending diamonds on having such types of ordinary things would be in your favor. Therefore, you must spend Diamonds on purchasing x10 heroes.

Purchasing Hero Essence with Gold

No doubt, one of the most vital materials of AFK Arena is Hero Essene and will help in making your balance whenever your character hits the cap. You can use gold to purchase Hero Essence available in the store.

How to Exchange Green Heroes?

At the very start, you are only supposed to keep one green-colored hero from each available factions to complete bounty missions. In case you intend to get rid of them by merely visiting Ranthorn, then choosing the Rickety Cart would help you exchanging for Hero Essence.

Don’t Forget to Claim Your Daily Rewards

AFK Arena promises to give you daily free rewards after every 12 hours. It means you’re capable of collecting bonuses in the form of coins and other currencies two times a day. Therefore, you don’t ever delay when it comes to collecting rewards and experience points.

How to Earn Diamonds in AFK Arena for Free?

Earning diamonds in AFK Arena isn’t as easy as you’re considering, it’s a tricky job and requires a lot of guts. The diamond is a rare currency of the game, helping you improving your character abilities, unlocking new playable characters, and more; therefore, it isn’t available for free, as you have to use real money to purchase it to complete your requirements. Today, we are going to share some tricks to let you know how to earn Free Diamonds in AFK Arena. Here are the following steps you should following to add diamonds in your inventory to use later, such as:

  • Bounty Board Rewards – The game features some “Bounty Hunter Quests,” and they will leave you diamonds as rewards. The number of diamonds depends on the scale of your Bounty Board Level.
  • Arcane Labyrinth – It is an exciting “game mode,” letting you complete the objective by defeating the boss available on each floor. The defeat of bosses will reward you rewards while battling against them, you should be careful, as they become powerful once you reach the upper floor.
  • Campaign Quest – The completion of “Campaign Quests” will reward you diamonds that you can use to unlock powerful characters.
  • Daily and Weekly Quests – The collection of “80 Activity Points” by completing Daily Quest will reward you with 100 Diamonds.
  • Arena Rewards – In this scenario, the number of diamonds depends on your scale determine by your performance in matches on the leaderboard.
  • King’s Tower – It features a Player versus Environment (PvE) arena where your ultimate goal is to approach all 300 floors of the tower and dominate all bosses to obtain rewards in the form of diamonds.
  • Peaks of Time – When playing the game, you maybe get introduced to a series of small puzzles that you should complete by finding the treasure chests on the map.
  • Redemption Code – Some of the codes are mentioned above, using the said code will help you in claiming free AFK Arena Diamonds.

Now, you have a useful guide for earning free AFK Arena Diamonds.

AFK Arena Walkthrough – Chapter 1 (Ranhorn City)

The chapter brings an excellent storyline to unfold, revolving around life and death, which are equal, and the queen of life, who assemble all mortal beings, and received their adoration and praise. Exquisite actions of Mortal has made the king feel jealous and forced him to create his form of life, known as the Hypogeans. Next to that, he issued orders to his minions to wreak havoc on the beautiful land, extinguishing all the creation of Dura, the queen of life.

Help the Queen Dura

She isn’t as weak as the king is considering in his mine. She planned a proper plan to defend her land by leading the rebellion into the epic fight against the brutal force; however, the onslaught was terrible, and even Dura perished in the war. But she successfully managed to expel the scourge to the gate. The last power of the queen was torn into seven artifacts and spread all over the land. After that, once again, the beautiful land of Esperia is in trouble and needs someone who could protect it from destruction.

Experience Turn-based Combat

You start the game with four playable heroes, two of which are female characters possess unique abilities required to defeat enemies. Once you hit the “Begin” button, the fight will start between three-four heroes and three evil characters who are of level 3, while all of your heroes are level one. The war could be challenging, but because it is specially designed to teach you how the controls and the game works; therefore, you should defeat all of the enemies with no effort in turn-based combat.

Completion of Levels rewards Your with Points and other Items

The game won’t only reward you with in-game gems, coins, and items, but experience points also. You must use all of your collected resources to rank up your hero as much as possible because, in advanced stages, you will confront powerful heroes who won’t show any mercy on you. Each chapter comprises different levels, and your ultimate goal isn’t only to defeat enemies but get the control back of your areas too. The increment in levels will increase the power of your characters, and the battle will end up with your victory.

Unlock New Power

As you know that there are several playable heroes available, and each one has two bars, one for health, during the second bar for the power. Once your power gets full, a new ability will become ready to be get unlocked. Clicking on the card of your character will let him make a powerful attack to damage enemies. Each character has its unique health, defense, and attack points.

AFK Arena Walkthrough – Chapter 2 (Bastion of the Elements)

You can level up your character until there’s a lot of coins and gems that are in your inventory to use. The leveling up system will reward you with new abilities, as well as accessories to boost the power of your character. The completion of each stage will leave you a treasure box full of coins and other items. The home screen is full of fun-filled options, including the following:

  • Quests
  • Gift Sets
  • First Purchase Gift
  • Events
  • Global Launch
  • Online Chat System
  • Global Map

At the first chapter, your ultimate quests include the following to complete for in-game rewards, such as:

  • Complete Stage 1 to 5
  • Reach Player Level 10
  • Reach Level 10 with a Hero

The completion of quests will reward you with in-game diamonds that you can use to unlock other playable characters to increase your power against enemies and their epic bosses. Similar to other games, your character will die once his/her power bar reaches zero. After collecting enough diamonds, you get able to include a new member of your team.

Chapter 2 takes place in a new environment where you lead your favorite characters to victory by defeating opposing forces. Opposing forces will always more potent than your team; therefore, you should try to keep your characters leveling up for unlocking new abilities and powers. Each chapter brings a new type of enemy creature, which gradually becomes deadliest.

The option of selecting your favorite character for the epic battle will get unlocked as you reach too high stages where you have a lot of diamonds, coins, and other items at your wallet. You can’t fight with enemies using your old skills in advanced stages, as you always confront loss because of modern enemies who are still in search of new skills and abilities to learn and achieve.

AFK Arena Walkthrough – Chapter 3 (Yggdrasil)

One thing you should keep in mind that while playing AFK Arena is that luck doesn’t matter, proper strategy and the selection of heroes’ does matter. Before jumping into an epic battle, you have an opportunity to equip rugged gears and weapons to your character to make it powerful than ever. Keep unlocking other heroes, and attempting to level up of each one. The more characters you have, the more chances of your win increases. The environment doesn’t matter; it’s just a background where you will battle against enemies. Therefore, learning new skills and abilities would help you in taking on enemies for unlimited coins and gems.

Each chapter contains different stages, and each stage is responsible for pitting two teams of various factions against each other, and the last standing team will win the match. The game represents each character with its respective faction, as well as rarity. You are allowed to position your characters and must place the powerful characters ahead of enemy forces while keeping the weakest characters behind could be your best strategy. Some characters come with supernatural powers that will take on enemies silently without being getting notices.

The third chapter includes a series of challenging quests, and you must complete to open up a lot of treasure boxes, as well as to collect diamonds. The challenging quests are the following:

  • Attain 15 Victories in the Arena of Heroes
  • Purchase Items from the Store 5 Times
  • Defeat the boss on the Arcane Labyrinth’s First Floor 3 Times
  • Defeat the Boss on the Arcane Labyrinth’s Third Floor Once
  • Summon 20 heroes at the Tavern

At the state 3 to 12, the demon scourge spreads itself all over the land, infesting approximately everything in its wake. New types of creatures will be unlocked as you reach high stages and will give you a tough time. Summon powerful heroes to help you out during the battle, and show off your powers by driving villains out of your land. Following the given words, complete all stages to become the master and reach the end to unlock the next chapter.

AFK Arena Walkthrough – Chapter 4 (Tomb of Ancients)

First of all, you should complete all available quests in chapter 4 to claim free rewards, and the available quests are the following:

  • Challenge a Boss
  • Begin a battle in the King’s Tower
  • Begin a fight in the Arena of Heroes
  • Take Part in Guild Hunt Once
  • Enhance Your Gear Once

After reaching chapter 4 – for sure, you have many challenging, playable heroes available at your disposal, and you can summon anyone whenever you want to take on the battle. However, you have to choose them before starting. It doesn’t matter whom you are fighting with, as with high-level numbers, no one could stand ahead of you. As I told you, each chapter has different locations, and each one comes with a series of levels you have to complete to become the master. On many levels, you won’t face off bosses, who are powerful enough to take on all of your assembled team; therefore, you should make your focus on building the best team with a brilliant strategy.

While leveling up your character, you find two other options surrounding it, such as “Equip Gear” and “Remove Gear.” As you level up your character, the health power will be increased, as well as defense and attack. Unlocking special skills and items requires the completion of objectives and the specific amount of in-game coins and other things. Each chapter takes place in a different location than others, introducing different areas to navigate and battle against enemies as the following:

  • Rickety Cart
  • The Noble Tavern
  • Resonating Crystal
  • Temple of Ascension
  • Library
  • Guild

In most of the stages, you will face off challenging bosses and their missions who are fully loaded with magical powers and other powerful weapons. The turn-based fight requires the proper strategy plans to get victorious; therefore, you should polish your skills before jumping to the game.

AFK Arena Walkthrough – Chapter 5 (Desert Sanctuary)

Chapter 5 starts with an Elite Hero Soul-stone, which assigns you a task of collecting 60 Elite Soulstones to summon on a powerful Elite Hero.

Similar to previous chapters, you will experience a deadly clash between two forces of good and evil. You need to be prepared for epic warfare, as evil forces are planning to take on the beautiful world where the game takes place. Make use of heroes properly in battles, summon other characters to help you out during the fight, and achieve victory to claim rewards and additional bonuses.

Note: Before starting the game, you should reveal information about heroes and their epic background storyline, as it will help you in understanding the necessary skills and playstyle.

Desert Sanctuary pits two teams against each other, and the last standing team will be considered as the winner. The first will be established by Queen, control by you, while another team is under control of evil powers. While fighting against enemies, you will find a series of building, including the following:

  • Library
  • Guild
  • The Oak Inn
  • Temple of Ascension
  • Resonating Crystal
  • Store
  • Rickety Cart
  • The Noble Tavern
  • Wall of Legends

Completion of stages will bring lots of joy for you, as it’s your goal to restore peace to your land.

AFK Arena Walkthrough – Chapter 6 (Mauler’s Enclave)

It takes place in the desert-themed world where you find a lot of ruined buildings, as well as deadly creatures who are ruling over there. Your ultimate goal is to get free the environment from the custom of evil powers by defeating them using your magical powers. Your characters aren’t limited to range weapons like sword, arrow, and more, as they possessed unique magical powers that they can use to take on enemies within no time. Abilities and skills will get unleashed over here, and the player will discover deadly creatures, unlike other levels.

Summon powerful heroes to raid on enemies and crush them to earn in-game rewards. Keep all of your playable characters updated, as the character of high level do severe damage and survive longer. The developers introduce the fantastic visual effects, keeping you engaged for endless hours of fun. Unleash the super attack of each character once the power meter of the hero gets full. In the game, you’re not supposed to control each attack and movement of your character for yourself, as they will fight automatically using their abilities without getting instruction. You just need to tap the card of the related hero to unleash its deadly attack for more in-game rewards and other items.

AFK Arena Walkthrough – Chapter 7 (Malden)

Chapter seven of AFK Arena Walkthrough takes place in the snowy environment where you face off new types of enemies, who are fully equipped with deadly weapons and smashing magical abilities. Similar to previous Chapters, the location contains different locations, and their names are the same as mentioned above. Your ultimate goal is to reach the end of each zone by dominating different areas that only possible with the defeat of enemies who are standing over there to defend their castle and other places.

This time, the battle takes place inside the castle, where you confront demonic forces along with vampires and other deadly beasts who are there with a proper plan of killing you. Killing enemies in all ten levels will lead you to new quests, where the completion of objectives reward you with fabulous prizes and other cool stuff. Keep in mind that you can go far without unlocking heroes with extraordinary abilities and leveling up characters. Plan a unique strategy for the dominance of levels, as well as enemies and their epic bosses.

AFK Arena Walkthrough – Chapter 8 (King’s Mense)

After reaching to chapter 8, you find yourself standing ahead of a graveyard where evil forces await you to defeat. Along with your team, you could be proved yourself an intense competitor who won’t accept defeat until the death of the last member. Summon your powerful heroes of high levels, and start fighting against enemies to achieve victory. Your aim should be focused on tapping the card timely, as the power gets full. Unleashing a deadly attack on enemies will deplete their health bar to half within no time. Each chapter comes with a unique storyline to unfold and enemies to fight for the in-game points.

The depletion of health to zero will cause the death of your character. Remaining characters won’t handle the remaining weight of enemies; therefore, you should keep struggling to kill enemies by keeping your all heroes alive. Summon heroes to perform the deadly attack, and level their up to gain new abilities and powers. There are tons of capabilities and skills that you can unlock, while dozens of accessories and gears are there to equip for ultimate strength and boost.

Diamonds are the virtual currency of the game and will help you in unlocking new heroes with unique, varied abilities, unlike the previous chapters. Some of your characters know how to block enemy attacks to defend their health bar. Dominate all enemies and ruined ships to become the master, and move to the next stage. While playing in Chapter 8, choose Save as, Arden, Belinda, Hogan, and Lucius heroes with 120 levels would help defeat a force of villain. AFK Arena features an “Auto” option, letting you use the incredible power automatically, once the fore gets filled. The Multiplier feature enables you to make your rewards and XPs double, unlike other games.

Earn Diamonds

In case you intend to earn diamonds, then you should complete the quests offered you at the end of the stage. Completion of chapter 8 will you a lot of diamonds, as well as other quests

AFK Arena Walkthrough – Chapter 9 (The Abandoned)

Welcome to the AFK Arena Walkthrough, here you will find out in regards to Chapter 9, also known as The Abandoned. Following the footsteps of previous chapters, Chapter 9 pits you against a powerful force appearing to kill you and your teammates to rule over the world. You may be stuck over here for a long time because finding the perfect combination of characters is difficult; therefore, you should make the ideal team of heroes and attack enemies to claim a lot of rewards. We will suggest you assemble a team containing the following characters, such as:

  • Belinda
  • Roine
  • Hogan
  • Hendrik
  • Shemira

Although the game is about turn-based combat, you should jump into the battle with proper planning and powerful heroes. It’s a unique place where you won’t achieve victory without using power and strategy. Similar to the 8th chapter, it takes place in an abandoned environment where you must unlock other heroes, including Shemira, along with rugged gears to equip. Upon clicking on the dark forest, the game will lead you to a map where you are supposed to choose your next location to land and fight against enemies. The map includes the following areas, such as:

  • Bounty Board
  • Arcane Labyrinth
  • Arena of Heroes
  • King’s Tower
  • Peaks of Time
  • Quests

Upon hitting the Arena of Heroes, you find yourself standing ahead of a new map describing a set of levels to complete. All stages are set on ruined locations where you find thrilling scenes while fighting against enemies and their bosses. Every level requires you to level up your character to make them robust because you will confront powerful enemies in the next stages. The only goal is to reclaim the Esperia at any cost. When you back to the game after a break, lots of new items await you to be get unlocked. Each attack will deplete the health bar of the enemy, and once it reaches zero, the targeted enemy will die and leave you a lot of coins and XPs.

AFK Arena Walkthrough – Chapter 10 (Island of the Banished)

Several events are introduced only every week, and each one brings fabulous deals for you. You can exchange your in-game coins with other items during the running time of the event, as you can exchange battle badges for rewards. Collect items in your inventory, and use it when needed. During the game, you can unlock additional items like Axe, Hammer, Shoes, Knight Suit, Gems, and more. Each item has its unique attributes and uses during the game. Chapter 10 includes the following exciting locations where you may confront enemies for dominance, such as:

  • Rickety Cart
  • The Noble Tavern
  • Wall of Legends
  • Resonating Crystal
  • Temple of Ascension
  • Library
  • Guild

While playing the game, you have the option of sending and receiving gifts from friends and other online players from all over the world. Furthermore, the game lets you trade with other players using your legendary items to earn more in-game points. Taking your team to VIP Rank by spending resources on it will assure your victory at any cost.

AFK Arena Character Tier List

Before using any hero, you should reveal its epic powers and special moves to start your career. The turn-based combat requires the strategic approach to dominate the battle; therefore, the selection of heroes does matter, as each hero isn’t the same as others. We’ve compiled a list of Best AFK Arena Character Tier to let you know which hero would be your first choice from start to the end.

S+ Tier

Characters in this list are considered the most powerful in the AFK Arena Tier List. The powerful heroes are the following:

  • Athalia
  • Shemira
  • Elijah and Lailah
  • Lucius
  • Nemora
  • Gwyneth
  • Brutus
  • Tasi
  • Mezoth

S Tier

They are fantastic heroes and considered the game-changer because of their hidden powers. Their names are the following:

  • Ferael
  • Ukyo
  • Kaz
  • Lyca
  • Rosaline
  • Rowan
  • Flora
  • Mehira
  • Orthros
  • Eironn
  • Safiya

Furthermore, the remaining characters aren’t powerful enough as they are; therefore, your priority should be focused on unlocking the most potent characters at any cost.


AFK Arena comes with both exciting game modes, such as PvP (Player versus Player) and PvE (Player versus Environment). The turn-based combat mechanics are fabulous as they are addictive enough to keep engaged anyone for endless hours of fun. Thousands of playable characters are always in-line to help you reclaim the beautiful world, which once was a peaceful land now in chaos. The graphics details are sleeky, and the introduction of side-quests and fun-filled events are a plus point to the game.

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