Unholy Adventure Chapter 3 Walkthrough


After overcoming all puzzles of Street, the game takes you to the alleyway where you may discover a few men standing around corners. The completion of puzzles in Street wasn’t easy as they tasked you with finding hidden objects to repair a circuit box and radio station and find a cutter to bring a gold piece out of the statue to purchase cigarettes. Unholy Adventure Chapter 3 takes you to a new scene where your ultimate job is almost the same as the previous chapters. Explore the environment to find hidden objects and use them to solve tricky puzzles.

Furthermore, you can explore the environment from a side-scroll viewpoint and interact with NPCs by merely tapping on the message icon. Clicking on the hand icon may add the object to your inventory. Similarly, the game shows you a link button as you choose any item from your inventory. Furthermore, you can combine two items to get a new one. Now, you are in a new environment where walkthroughs.net helps you complete all challenging puzzles and escape the area.

Unholy Adventure Walkthrough Chapter 3 – Alleyway

Almost in every chapter, you may discover NPCs (Non-player Characters) who will share information regarding the event with you. Therefore, you shouldn’t miss a chance to interact with any NPC upon watching a chat button on their heads.

  • On the right side of the NPC, there is a piece of wire that you have to collect and add to your inventory.
  • There is a box below the place where you have got a piece of wire, interact with the box and try to unlock it using the same wire piece.
  • Within the locker, there four five nails available and each one has a red line. Your job is to bring those red lines equal to a line drawn on the locker.

  • Open the box to collect the following items: Sandwich, Pincers, and Hammer.

  • Now, walk a bit to collect the wooden plank.
  • At the start, there are a few wooden pieces available along with nails. You must use Pincers to bring nails out of them and add them to your inventory.
  • Reach the dead-end to calm down a dog by offering a sandwich and don’t forget to gather a garden shear from there.

  • Use the wooden plank from your inventory to repair the ladders and use nails to make them strong.
  • Before climbing the ladder, cut the wire of a security alarm and move to the next chapter.

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