Snowday Walkthrough


It is a snow day! A snow building contest is taking place in this beautiful town! Can you win this contest?


  • Collect the fake coin. (A)
  • Collect the tree branches. (B)
  • Go to the hot drinks store. Open the door. (C)
  • Take the broom. (D)
  • Talk to Uncle Vova, he will give you 10 dollars. (E)
  • Talk to the seller. (F)
  • Buy a cold coffee. (G)
  • After that, buy some raisins. (H)

  • Go to the wooden house location. Collect the snowball with your broom. (I)
  • Use your fake coin to collect the hook. (J)
  • Enter the house. Take the scissors. (L)
  • Take the plunger. (K)
  • Go to the Hot Drinks Store. Use the scissor to cut the string. You are going to collect a piece of it. (M)
  • Throw the snowball onto the kid. (N)

  • After you throw the snowball, he will drop a key. Take it. (O)
  • Go to the balloon man. Give him the key. He is going to give you a wheelbarrow. (P)
  • Go to the Frozen Lake. Use the plunger into the jar. (Q)
  • Collect the nut that just appeared. (R)
  • Combine the string and the hook to create a fishing rod. Use the fishing rood to collect a gasoline below that hole. (S)



  • Go to the Hot Drinks Store. Collect the big snowball with your wheelbarrow. (T)
  • Click on the tree located in the wooden house. (U)
  • Give the nut to the squirrel. He is going to give you a carrot. (V)
  • Enter the house. (W)
  • Give the gasoline and the cold coffee to the woman. (X)
  • Now, we are going to start to build the snowman. Place the big snowball into the hole where you are going to build the snowman. Then place all of the items you have collected into the snowman. The snowman should look like the one in the picture. (Y)


It is a very challenging game, that requires you to find creative solutions in order to collect the items you need to win this competition. This game doesn’t have any puzzles or clues to solve, in this game you are going to have to find the items you need and use them to get to the next step. If you like challenging point and click games, this game is for you!





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