Rooms and Exits Level 31 Walkthrough


Another Rooms and Exits Level has been released with a new challenge and puzzle to solve. This time, the new level takes place in the “Parking” area, where many hidden objects are available to find and solve puzzles. We already have covered 30 Levels of Rooms and Exits, now releasing the Rooms and Exits Level 31 Walkthrough Guide to help you get all answers and solutions.

As prior, your objective is to find objects and keep them in your bag where you have to deal with three possible options: Use, Dismantle, Combine, and Analyze. Selected items won’t be used until you tap the “Use” button after visiting your bag. Similarly, clues may be hidden within a bag; therefore, using the dismantle button will help.

Rooms and Exits Walkthrough – Level 31 (Parking)

As the level starts, you may find yourself in an elevator where a few objects like a note, circuit, and the door are available to interact with for unlocking it.

  • Get the paper clip from the sticky note on the right side and add it to your bag.
  • Head to your bag, select the paper clip and dismantle it to get a lock pick. Select the lock pick and use it to open the circuit box fixed on the left side.
  • Tap specific buttons, as you can see in the image below, and tap the (-1) button to reach the parking.


  • After reaching the parking, your first job is to tap the motorbike near the white vehicle and click on the briefcase.
  • Unlock the briefcase using the following equation (4+6=6.7-4) and examine it to get a paper clue.
  • Discover a door on the left side of the bike and go through it to reach the toilet.


Going through the door next to the bike may take you to the washroom where your goal is almost the same – find hidden objects and use them to unlock the exit door and escape.

  • Tap the cabinet below the basin to discover an object and keep it in your inventory.
  • Leave the toilet for a while and go back to the parking area.

Parking Area

  • After leaving the washroom, tap the green vehicle next to the white one and get a broken piece of the backlight.
  • Head to your inventory, hit the combine button after selecting a broken backlight piece and a box to get a wrench.

Blue Door

  • After getting a wrench, head to the blue door, drop boxes to discover a blue box and dismantle it to get a key.
  • You can discover a circuit near the blue door that you can unlock using a wrench from the inventory and turning on the button.


  • Once you turn on the red button after unlocking the circuit, you should go to the elevator. Bring a key out from the inventory and use it to run the elevator. Reach the second parking area and start finding hidden objects to escape.

Second Parking Area

Now, you are at the second parking area where seven vehicles have been parked, and the game embarks on a journey to find a key and escape.

  • Head to your inventory and examine the paper clue to get a passcode. After that, you should tap the red vehicle to discover the number (9).
  • Tap the circuit box next to the red vehicle on the left side and enter the following code (1879, 3534, and 4004) to open the circuit box.

  • Set the handles following the image below and notice the number the board displays you (4203), along with vehicle and colors.

  • Go back to the elevator and tap the first button to reach the previous parking area.

First Parking Area

After reaching the first parking area, your objective is to tap the circuit and enter the code following (CBAD), which means the code would be (0243). Tab the buttons accordingly and go back to the elevator, where hitting the “P” button may help you escape the room.

Congratulation! You have completed Rooms and Exits Level 31.

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