Rooms and Exits Walkthrough Level 3


Now, you are in a Beauty Salon which is beautifully decorated with modern stuff and other furniture. The area has two different doors of Exit and Massage Room. Besides, the game will cast you 50 in-game coins to offer you a hint that you can use to highlight a hidden item. To complete the Rooms and Exits Level 3, follow the instruction given in this guide:

  • Head to the massage chair and tap on the towel to reveal a screwdriver.
  • Use the collected screwdriver to open the trapdoor above the sofa and collect a piece of the image.
  • Tap the plant pot to grab the second image piece and remove the clock to discover the fourth piece.
  • Open a small briefcase to collect the fifth image piece.
  • Head to the cupboard and open the drawer to collect a torchlight from there.
  • Open the bottom door of the wall-fixed cupboard to collect fish food tin.
  • Collect batteries from the table next to the briefcase and add them to your inventory.
  • Get the mat of the exit door aside to find the 6th image piece.

Open Your Inventory

Tap on the bag to open your inventory and hit the combine button after clicking on torch and batteries. Now bring the torchlight to the cupboard’s door and reveal the passcode.

  • Complete the image on an empty frame to reveal a locker and enter the code to get a key. The passcode is 26723.
  • Select the key from your inventory to open the Massage Room.

Massage Room

Now, only a Fish tin is available in your inventory. Visit the massage room and feed the fish available in the jar. After that, start finding a way to bring a key out of a fish aquarium.

  • Collect a hook from under the rug and grab a fish rod from near the window.
  • Open the inventory to select both items and hit the combine button. Now, you should select the rod and hit the use button to bring a key out.
  • Get out of the Massage Room and then escape the Beauty Salon.

Rooms and Exits Room Escape Level 3 has been completed. Let’s started to complete the fourth level.

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