Rooms and Exits Level 13 Walkthrough


After the completion of Rooms and Exits Level 12, we are back with another walkthrough to help you solve all tricky problems. It has more than 20 challenging levels and each one holds a variety of hidden objects to search for and puzzles to solve. The game doesn’t feature any list of objects that help you reveal what items to find. Without having a list of objects, playing Rooms and Exits video game is a bit difficult job; therefore, we jump to help you solve all challenging riddles without any hassle. The more you play the game, the more you learn how to solve puzzles.

Moreover, Rooms and Exits Level 13 is set in a “Pet Shop” where instead of pets, the game features lots of toys and many other things. During exploration, you may discover fish equilibrium, sacs, pet foods, and furniture. Interaction with each object is compulsory because no one knows what to collect; only a player with detective skills can figure out all hidden objects and locations to deal with all tricky problems. If you have failed to complete this stage, then follow our Rooms and Exits Level 13 (Pet Shop) Walkthrough Guide.

Rooms and Exits Walkthrough – Level 13 Pet Shop

Every new level comes with a new location to explore and unique puzzles to solve. You can expect two different rooms in each area to search for hidden objects. Finding hidden objects isn’t an easy task as it may require you to visit the locked scene to gather items that you need to solve a puzzle available in the first room. Follow our guide to learn how to solve all puzzles.

  • There is a blue bucket available near the door that you must drop upon tapping to collect a crumbled paper.
  • Open your bag and select the crumbled paper and then use the dismantle button to reveal a clue.
  • Between the sacs and cages, there is a wardrobe where you must click to find a drawer with two arrow buttons.
  • Hit the right button two times and do the same with the left button. Next to that, hit the right button and then the left one time. Click on the drawer’s knob to open it and collect rat food and a bottle-type item.
  • After that, click on the rate cage available on the same wardrobe and fill their pots with the food you have collected recently intending to bring a scissor amidst the pipe. As the scissor reaches the set position, collect and add it to your inventory.
  • Use the scissor from your inventory to cut the rope knots from the door of the wood.
  • Open the door and get into a room new to you.

Second Room

Lots of sacs and boxes are available in the newly revealed room where your goal is to collect required hidden items and go back to the main room.

  • On the right of the door, there is a rack with boxes. Drop a box from the third floor to reveal a locker. Before doing anything, discover sacs kept on your left side and distinguish them on a color basis.
  • Now, head to the locker and tap the button of a particular color as many times as the sacs of the same color are available there.
  • Yellow (6), Blue (9), Red (6), Green (8), and Orange (4). As the box gets opened, collect a tap head from there and add it to your inventory.

  • Select the tap from your inventory and fix it on the basin. Choose a bottle from your inventory and fill it with water.
  • Choose a bottle from your bag and bring it close to the pet cage available near the basin and fill its pot with water to let the parrot sing for you. Here your goal is to keep the notes in mind because they are the key to the completion of your next puzzle.

Head to a Rack

Go back to the first room where a rack full of toys is available. Tapping each toy may sound different and your goal is to figure out the pets you need to solve a puzzle.

  • Tap the following toys: Dinosaur, Elephant, Monkey, Pig, and Parrot to open a secret box holding a bottle opener and a knife.
  • Head to your inventory, select the bottle opener, and hit the dismantle button to turn it into a knife.

Second Room

  • Visit the second room to open a tapped box and collect a key from inside it.
  • There is a yellow-colored cage available on the floor that can be opened using a key you recently collected from a box. Use the key to open the box and collect an adapter from inside it.

First Room

After collecting the required item, you should move back to the first room and tap on the fish equilibrium to solve the next puzzle.

  • Tap on the hexagonal fish equilibrium, connect the adapter with it, and set the temperature as follows: 37.8, 43.3, 11.7, 04.5, and 26.6 to collect a treasure box holding a key to your freedom.

Use the key from your inventory to open the main door and escape the Pet Shop. Read more: Rooms and Exits Level 14 Walkthrough.

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