Rooms and Exits Chapter 17 Walkthrough


Completion of Rooms and Exits – Coming Soon level takes you to a new room where your ultimate job is the same. The room is fully decorated with beautiful furniture and lots of hidden objects that you can’t figure out easily. The unavailability of item lists takes the difficulty level to the next level, leaving you dependent on your puzzle-solving skills. If you aren’t new to this game, then you should read our Rooms and Exits Walkthrough to learn how to complete earlier levels without any hassle. Not only have that, if you are searching for Bitlife Guides, then followed the given link.

Rooms and Exits Level 17 first scene

Rooms and Exits Walkthrough – Chapter 17 (Jewelry Store)

It seems the game is set in any mall where dozens of shops and rooms are available to explore. Currently, Webelinx has featured up to 28 puzzle levels but promises to keep introducing new stages regularly. If you are a true puzzle lover and want to try something challenging and adventure, then you should fall yourself in a strange building where interaction with any other human character is almost possible. In short, you are alone in the whole buildings or store to find a way out. Here is a Rooms and Exits Walkthrough Guide.

  • As the game starts, you should tap on a book kept on the counter to collect one of its pages with three holes.
  • Secondly, you should tap on the counter next to the door and collect ruby and a rolled currency from there.
  • Next to that, you should move on the right side toward the necklace counter and collect a red ruby from there.
  • Tap on the lamp fixed above the necklace counter to collect another rolled currency note and a ruby.
  • Find out the red sofa and remove its cushion to discover a purse.

Open Your Inventory

After collecting all said items, you should head to your inventory and dismantle the purse to get another currency note.

  • Next to that, keep dismantling all notes to bring them into their earlier condition. Select all currency notes and hit the combine button to get a note bundle.

Tap on the Table

  • Open the drawer of the table to get a key and a remote.
  • After that, click on a tablet to put the plug into the socket. Open your inventory to select a key and open a small drawer fixed in the tablet stand to put the cash into it. Once done, you will see three different images on the screen.

Head to the Necklace Stand

After keeping three images in mind, you have to visit the necklace rack available on the left wall. Upon reaching, you will discover nine necklaces of different colors and styles.

  • Your goal is to swap them with each other following the color pattern drawn using the diamonds under the crown kept amidst the room.
  • Once done, a secret box will open holding a key for you to collect. Add the key to your inventory and use it to open the door, but before you have to solve another necklace puzzle.
  • Discover a counter below the necklace rack and try to set colors of gems to open a dark blue box nearby it. It will give you a purple box that may add to your inventory automatically.

  • Open a cupboard below the racks to get a camera that you must dismantle to collect batteries.
  • Put the batteries into the remote and turn on the air conditioner to collect a red ribbon.
  • Now, you must interact with the crown kept in a fully protected box. Enter the security code (137) to open the locker and place all gems from your inventory to the crown.

Investigate the Second Room

After placing gems, you must go to the second room where you also find different stands and counters. Your ultimate is the same – find hidden objects to solve tricky puzzles.

Rooms and Exits Level 17 second room

  • First of all, tap on the table to collect a watch from there and add it to your inventory. The second piece of the puzzle is also on the same table.
  • Head to the dustbin to collect the third puzzle piece.
  • Click on the sword to collect a diamond ring from there.
  • Shake the plant pot to discover the fourth piece of the puzzle.
  • Click on the furniture kept amidst the room to discover a puzzle where you have to set the colors. Once it is done, collect the needles from a watch and keep them in your inventory.

  • Next to that, tap on the first counter to collect a watch from the box.
  • Head to the wall clock and tap the door to bring a bird out to collect a watch crown from its mouth.
  • Head to the second counter and place the crown on the watch to see the exact time. Now, tap on the wall clock and keep the time it is showing in mind.
  • Open the cupboard to discover a bag holding a digital locker. Enter the following code (1258) and collect a hammer and a fifth piece of the puzzle.
  • Use the hammer from your inventory to pull all nails out of the post hanging on the wall and collect the sixth piece of the puzzle from there.
  • Remove the rug to discover a scissor and keep it in your inventory.
  • Leave the room to get into the main area.

Main Area

  • Open your inventory to combine a scissor and a watch to get a new item.
  • Select watch needles from your inventory and place them above the crown to open a secret box that reveals a puzzle piece.
  • Now, you must find a weight machine kept on the table and put a diamond ring into a shopping bag. After that, select a watch and put it into the bag as you need three items of diamonds for the completion of the puzzle.
  • Select a puzzle piece you found from below the crown and put it into the bag to get a key.

Tap on the Table

There is a table between two chairs where you must tap to reveal a mini-game. Place all missing pieces of puzzles and arrange them in a way that together they draw an image.

The solution to the puzzle won’t leave anything in your hand. You should use your wit to find out the answer and if you fail to find any clue, keep reading our Rooms and Exits Chapter 17 Walkthrough to learn how to complete it.

  • Open your inventory and keep it above the puzzle to reveal the code you need to open the main door.
  • Your code to open the door is 9718, but the game won’t end here as another locker behind the door awaits you. Fortunately, we have already a key that can open the door and help us to escape the room.

Rooms and Exits Level 17 has been completed, stay tuned for more walkthroughs.

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