Displace It: Brain Puzzle Walkthrough – All Levels Solutions


Displace It is a Puzzle and Single-player video game developed by Azura Global for Mobile Devices. It offers you similar gameplay to the DOP 4 mobile game, wherein your ultimate goal is to either remove or add an object moving your finger to solve the puzzle. Over 200 levels are added to puzzle your mind. Each level comes with a beautiful image and a unique puzzle to solve. The game shows you three different objects on some levels, and using them in the correct order might help you solve the puzzle and unlock the next one. Unlike DOP games, you have an option to play the previous levels anytime.

Almost in every level, you have to move your finger to displace up to three objects in the correct position on the image to solve the puzzle. Find the correct order to displace the objects and get ready to see the ending that surely will blow your mind. The blend of funny and creative animations will keep you coming back again and again to solve tricky puzzles. Sometimes, the game features misleading items to puzzle your mind; however, keeping your focus and using the detective skill will help you solve the puzzle in one shot. The introduction of cartoon-style graphics will keep you engaged until the last level. Take your logical thinking beyond the limit to find solutions to all levels or read Displace It: Brain Puzzle Answers.

Displace It: Brain Puzzle Walkthrough – All Levels Answers

Displace It: Brain Puzzle is designed to keep the simple gameplay mechanics in mind; however, finding the solution won’t be as easy as you imagine. To find the solutions, you have to take your imagination to the next level. Each Displace it level will put your logical thinking to test with unique puzzles and riddles. Check out our Displace it: Brain Finger Walkthrough Guide, Cheats, Answers, and Solutions for all levels to become the master.

Displace It Level 1 Answer

To solve Displace It Level 1, you have to drag the Cherry to the top of the Cupcake.

Displace It Level 2 Answer

You have to drag the fish to the bowl like the first level.

Displace It Level 3 Answer

First, keep the plate on the table and put the noodles to solve the level.

Displace It Level 4 Answer

Drag and drop the ball on the road to summon Green Goblin.

Displace It Level 5 Answer

In Level 5, you have to move the color tray on the bird and use the brush to turn it into a Peacock.

Displace It Level 6 Answer

To prevent the Police Officer from arresting you, you have to put the blue helmet on the dog while the red helmet on the man.

Displace It Level 7 Answer

Indeed, you have watched the Joker movie. If yes, finding the solution to Displace It Level 7 won’t be a problem; otherwise, you have to turn the man into the joker. First, drag the suit to the man and then do the same with the mask.

Displace It Level 8 Answer

Select and drag the sports car to solve level 8.

Displace It Level 9 Answer

Your next riddle is to decorate the phone case. First, you must move the case and leave it as your finger reaches the phone. Next, drag the color tray and leave it on the phone.

Displace It Level 10 Answer

You have two different devices available to throw laser lights on the scene. Add the red light on the left side and the blue light on the right side.

Displace It Level 11 Answer

Select and move the tree behind the gifts and decorate it using lights and bells.

Displace It Level 12 Answer

Go for buoy first and then offer the boat to the drowning man.

Displace It Level 13 Answer

Before placing the headphones, you should set the light circle on the left side.

Displace It Level 14 Answer

You aren’t restricted to using a specific glove first, as you are allowed to use anyone and punch the boy in his eyes. Next, offer him a eucalyptus branch to solve the puzzle.

Displace It Level 15 Answer

Are you familiar with the Vietnam flag? If not, then the day has come when you will see how the flag looks. Select and move the red color to the flag and add the star.

Displace It Level 16 Answer

Santa Clause is almost ready to embark on a mission to supply gifts, but there’s a problem he doesn’t have any vehicle. Offer him the car first and set the animal ahead of it.

Displace It Level 17 Answer

Turn the man into a woman to make the little girl happy. To complete the puzzle, you have to move the dress and hair wig first, then move the lipstick.

Displace It Level 18 Answer

The game tasks you with finding an engineer using three objects such as nail, hammer, and helmet. You have to move all objects one by one to turn the man into a worker.

Displace It Level 19 Answer

Complete the cup by shape.

Displace It Level 20 Answer

The game displays you an image of a sad boy, but you have to make him happy. So, turn the old man into a Santa Claus.

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