Cookie Run: Kingdom – A Complete Ranked Character Tier List

We welcome you to our helpful Cookie Run: Kingdom Character (Cookie) Tier List. Surely, you would love to have some delicious cookies in the real world because of their yummy and mouth-watering taste. In video games, they are your warriors that can be used to fight evil armies and their bosses as well.

Although all playable characters in the Cookie Run Kingdom are great and worth collecting, a few of them aren’t as useful in combat as you are expecting. Particular characters are more powerful than others like Gacha games, such as Cookie Run: Overbreak, Azur Lane, and Dragalia Lost. Before starting the Tier List, let us briefly describe the gameplay.


As the name implies, Cookie Run Kingdom is a blend of Role-playing, Runner, and Kingdom Builder game elements. The game leaves you in a beautiful world where almost all creatures have turned into cookies because of a curse. Something unexpected had happened a few years ago in the past that had baked almost everyone into yummy cookies that nowadays known as warriors.

After the event, only five cookies had hardly survived and had chosen to rule over the kingdom. Having said that doesn’t mean that all five warriors are responsible for bringing peace back into their beloved land and they can’t do that alone. Therefore, you should jump in to build a team and continue your struggle for peace.

Adventure with Cookies

Get ready to experience a thrilling adventure with the cookies that may take your gaming experience to the next level by offering amazing gameplay and fun-filled content. While playing the game, you aren’t only supposed to fight enemies, as creating your dream kingdom is also your job.

Work your way to make your kingdom flourish and win amazing prizes after dominating enemies in arenas. Form allies by selecting the Best Cookies in the Cookie Run Kingdom and participate in the tournament to defeat bosses.

Form Allies

Moreover, the addition of a heroic plot forces you to team up with familiar friends when building your team along with new and familiar faces. Collect a team of Cookie Soldiers, battle in a fantasy-themed world, while unfolding the dark secrets of the Kingdom’s past. Defeating dark forces may grant you the in-game currency that you can use to unlock additional content like Cookie Characters and many things.

Experience Player versus Player RPG Combat

To achieve victory, your aim should be focused on only one thing, Fight, Fight, and Fight! Although Cookie Run: Kingdom is known as a Single-player RPG video game, you have an option to compete against the world’s best players to climb the leaderboard. Furthermore, the Single-player RPG gameplay involves you assembling the best Cookie Team that should be too sweet to beat.

Addition of New Guild Battle System

The addition of the “New Guild Battle System” in Cookie Run: Kingdom is appreciated by players all over the world. It pits players worldwide against each other and the winning team may claim a massive reward. To be honest, the gameplay is fast-paced as compared to other fighting RPG games; therefore, you should be prepared for this whenever you jump along with your team to face off rival cookie teams who aren’t designed to show mercy on anyone. Experience a thrilling RPG gameplay with fabulous Combat Animations that empower you to lead your warriors to victory.

Cookie Run: Kingdom Cookie (Character) Tier List

Let me clear your doubt that relying on the following Tier Lists like Epic, Rate, and Common may ruin your gameplay because they are only designed to make you understand how effective a cookie character could be. If we say that actual tiers are only brought to display cookie stats won’t be wrong.

  • Common – GingerBrave, Strawberry Cookie, Ninja Cookie, Angel Cookie, Muscle Cookie, Wizard Cookie, and Best Cookie
  • Rare – Princess Cookie, Cherry, Knight, Alchemist, Adventure, Blackberry, Onion, Gumball, Pancake, Avocado, Carrot, Clover, and Custard Cookie III.
  • Epic – Snow Sugar, Tiger Lily, Sparkling, Dark Choco, Herb, Mint Choco, Werewolf, Milk, Purple Yam, Espresso, Pomegranate, Chili Pepper, Poison Mushroom, Madeleine, Licorice, and Rye.
  • Ancient – Pure Vanilla Cookie.

Therefore, you are supposed to learn a bit more about each cookie, its categories, special powers, and destructive moves that throw members of evil teams out of the arena. Before starting, it would be good to know that some cookies of the Rare category are enough strong that they can deal with some Epics with no worries; similarly, some cookies of the Common category can manage to take on the best fighters. comes to share its Tier List of Cookie Run: Kingdom’s Characters to make you understand how to deal with characters when you are about to roll in the Gacha system. We categorized the Tier List with alphabets like X, S, A, B, and C. Characters in X Tier are probably considering the most powerful that won’t ever disappoint you. Similarly, the B Tier category also comes with prominent cookies that have proved themselves a bit weaker than the X Tier List. Overall, the performance of that team was awesome.

X Tier – Cookie Run: Kingdom

If you are thrilled to take on opposing forces going beyond the limits then you should go with our created X Tier. The below said squad will chill your bones and spread devastation across the scene. Seriously, they are sweet monsters and helpful in Player versus Player, while I found them helpful and reliable in Player versus Environment.

These guys are designed to dominate the world map while helping you conquer the leaderboards. Therefore, brings you a helpful Cookie Run: Kingdom Cookie Tier List. Our X Tier list includes six powerful characters of different categories and each one is offering unique characteristics, abilities, and skills.

  • ExpressoEpic

Espresso Cookie belongs to Epic Rarity and comes with magical abilities, especially known for its fabulous damage capability that can be used to target single damage dealers, but you can also use it to a crowd. In short, Espresso Cookie is one of the best characters in Cookie Run: Kingdom without any doubt because of its insane damage output.

  • Dark Choco – Epic

The delicious cookie with silky hair belongs to Epic Rarity and seems the perfect choice when you are searching for a character whether to compete in PVP or PvE. Doing a spray using some walnuts and almonds may make him tough; therefore, it is considering the most popular character than Espresso.

  • Almond – Epic

It belongs to Epic Rarity and is known as Support Cookie that can make fooled to anyone using their attack stats. Furthermore, Almond Cookie possesses unique skills and some amazing tools like handcuffs that he can throw to capture enemies in a single shot.

  • LatteEpic

She is in itself is the sweetest cookie, but at the same time, she is the deadliest competitor for opposing teams. The skills and abilities of Latte are almost similar to Espresso, but Latte comes with special powers that can be used to summon a vortex that drags enemies into a specific area.

Furthermore, unlike Espresso, Latte ends the battle in a silent way. When you are playing Player versus Environment, using Latte would be in your favor and many help you wipe out enemies like Espresso. Offering her some delicious raspberries may boost up Latte’s abilities and skills.

  • Black Raisin – Epic

Black Raisin comes with some exquisite powers and many players get confused by considering it similar to Chili Pepper. During the battle, Black Raisin Cookie uses AOE Strike to slay opposing characters like a bunch of linear slashes. When fighting, you can summon Black Raisin as an AOE damage dealer or defeat a massive boss with DPS. Ambush is the special power of Black Raisin; however, she doesn’t have enough guts to battle with either Espresso or Latte Cookie for Magic Skill.

  • Pure VanillaEpic

Pure Vanilla releases under the Ancient Rarity and is only the one member in the said category. In short, it is the first cookie released in the Ancient Tier Cookies and earned his special spot above epics. Pure Vanilla (also known as the Healer) is a cookie you can use to heal teammates during fights. You would be amazed to know that a shield is featured above the power heal that you can use to bring the difference between a counter-attack and a total party kill.

S Tier – Cookie Run: Kingdom

Although S Tier isn’t as effective and powerful as X Tier, still it isn’t bad to make a team selecting the said characters. One of the most important things you should keep in mind when it comes to developing a team is to be straightforward and natural and look nowhere than these characters.

Some cookies are straightforward and powerful than others. Cookies like Milk are a demand of battle and adding it to your lineup may go in your favor. After knowing their names, you should read the skills and stats of each cookie you know and decide their place in your formation.

  • Licorice
  • Milk
  • Vampire
  • Herb
  • Strawberry Crepe
  • Cream Puff

A Tier – Cookie Run: Kingdom

Although Cookie Run: Kingdom is weaker than X and S Tiers, A Tier Cookies are great and can serve as substitutes in the case when you fail to unlock other characters. Besides, you should be familiar with their stats and special attacks that may lead you to victory upon knowing bitterly. Do a practice to make your grip better on these cookies would bring more chances of having been successful in battle?

  • Sparkling
  • Madeleine
  • Pomegranate
  • Tiger Lily
  • Princess
  • Rye
  • Cherry
  • Adventure

B Tier – Cookie Run: Kingdom

You know that Cookie Run: Kingdom doesn’t feature an insane variety of features like other Gacha games; similarly, the game has a special purpose and powers to use during the battle, though some characters are not so good and useful in battle. Having said that means the cookies in this Tier aren’t the best at all, as compared to the previous tiers. Despite that, they can hold a better place in battles and get you through several campaigns upon upgrading.

Don’t be panic whenever you decide to build a team of heroes because dozens of options are there when you come to select cookies. Therefore, you should feel free when mixing and matching characters the way you want, and also use them to fill holes or vulnerabilities in your formation. We suggest you find strong cookies with powerful abilities and line-up to compete against enemies and their bosses with ease. We have compiled a list of characters and named them Tier B.

  • Purple Yam
  • Werewolf
  • Chili Pepper
  • Mint Choco
  • Onion
  • Carrot

C Tier – Cookie Run: Kingdom

  • Angel
  • GingerBrave
  • Blackberry
  • Gumball
  • Snow Sugar
  • Poison

At the end of the Tier List Guide, some lazy and unworthy characters are available. You better know that lots of characters are available in any game and selecting the best one is an art that you have to learn before starting or after experiencing it. Playing with those characters may help you find the best cookie for your team and how characters perform when in battle.

The majority of players from worldwide don’t prefer selecting the characters of Tier C because of their lackluster skills and low statistics; however, the main reason for mentioning these characters over here is to prevent you from choosing them if you ever think to select.

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