Bitlife Guide – How to Complete Bijuu Mike Challenge


Another challenge with new rules and tasks has been released in Bitlife, known as Bijuu Mike Challenge. It requires you to become an “Internet Sensation” while playing an internet sensation. Just a week before Halloween, spirits have started to roam the environment surrounding you in October. Bitlife – Life Simulator has set the Halloween theme, but we should take a break for a while until the completion of the Bijuu Mike Challenge. The newly introduced challenge revolves around YouTube and other Social Media Platforms. It will last for four days, and the requirements to complete the challenge are the following:

  • Be born a male in the United States
  • Make a Viral Bitlife Video
  • Go 50+ Years without Posting another Bitlife Video
  • Achieve 3+Million Subscribers on YouTube

Following its footsteps in the previous challenges, Bitlife has set four different tasks to complete. If you aren’t sure how everything goes, read our Bitlife New Challenge Guide to get solutions and all answers.

Be Born a Male in the United States

The completion of the first task isn’t a big problem if you have been born in the United States and haven’t posted any video on YouTube using your existing character. We suggest you start with a new character and be born as a male in the United States.

Make a Viral Bitlife Video

Without creating an account on YouTube, you can’t complete the second task. You should take steps to create an account when your character turns 14 using the sign-up page. To create an account, you must tap the “Assets” button and click on the “Social Media” option. Find the YouTube icon and tap on it to sign up and create your account.


Once you have created an account, we suggest you become a famous person like a singer. To become a singer, you are only required to take voice lessons at high school and keep learning until you graduate. Choose a career, find opportunities, and get signed as a singer. Show your singing skills in concerts, go on tours, and attract audiences.

You don’t need to post anything, but Bitlife videos only until one go viral. Keep in mind that there’s not such a way you used to go viral; instead, you must have to be lucky. Therefore, keep posting Bitlife videos until it happens.

Go 50+ Years without Posting another Bitlife Video

There’s no need to post another Bitlife video for 50+ years once you complete the second task. You are allowed to post videos of different categories freely to become famous and popular. Eventually, an increment in traffic may help you increase the subscribers count on YouTube.

Achieve 3+Million Subscribers on YouTube

Don’t stop posting videos until you hit the milestone of 3+ Million. Achieving 3+ Million Subscribers isn’t a cup of cake as it requires a bit of time and effort. You can earn more subscribers by merely keeping your looks and health stats at 100%. Consistency is the key to success, and be careful when choosing the theme for your channel.

After completing all given tasks, you have completed the Bijuu Mike Challenge. Claim your reward to get a random item and show it to your friends with others.

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