Prison Escape Puzzle: Adventure Level 6 Walkthrough


In the previous level, we have found a keycard and use it to run the elevator to escape Room 5. Now, the protagonist has stuck in Upper Levels where he is asking you to help to escape the level. It seems level 6 will be a bit difficult than others, but no one knows what will happen next. Most people don’t love playing hidden object games but want to help the protagonist escape the rooms. Read our Prison Escape Puzzle: Adventure Level 6 Walkthrough to get help.

Prison Escape Puzzle: Adventure Walkthrough – Level 6 (Upper Levels)

Level 6 starts from a room and it seems to me like an office. Here your objective is the same as previous levels to find hidden objects and utilize them to solve puzzles.

  • Firstly, you have to collect a glass cutter from the table and use it to cut the glass box to get a book.
  • Near the glass box, you can discover a statue face. Afterward, head to the table and read the notes left there for you.


  • Come out from the office and visit the first room (storeroom) to discover the second statue from a box.

  • Head to the table and dial the 3 and 9 to get a clue and a book as well.

  • Go back to the office, tap the box available on the table, and set the following colors (Green, Red, and Blue) to open the box for glue and a key.

  • After that, go back to the storeroom, head to the rack, and pour the glue on the base of the statue. Select the head from the inventory and place it in the targeted place to complete it.

  • Use the key from the inventory to open the third room and get into it.

Third Room

  • Once you are in the third room, tap on the statue you can see clearly to start a mini-game.

  • Select both statues from the inventory and place them there to set them according to their names.

  • As you complete the puzzle, a box opens next to the door holding a book. Collect the book from there and leave the room to reach the office.


  • Head to the bookshelf available on the right side, select the books from the inventory, and add them there to solve a puzzle for a clue.

Prison Escape Puzzle Level 6 has been completed.

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