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As the name implies, it is a Puzzle, Brain Teaser, and Single-player Hidden Object video game released by Webelinx Games for Mobile Devices. Fun Escape Room Puzzles: Mind Games and Brain Teasers comes with stunning rooms to escape and hidden objects to discover. There is no time pressure, still, you should find items timely to escape and unlock the next scene. To make the gameplay outstanding and a bit difficult, the game doesn’t feature any list of items to find. The only first level is designed to help you learn how to play, in short, it’s a Tutorial Level. We are back with another Walkthrough of Fun Escape Room Puzzles – All Levels Solved.

Those players who are searching for a Challenging Escape Game with dozens of fun-filled levels can fulfill their hunger of playing puzzle-solving games with Fun Escape Room Puzzles that comes with a twist of Hidden Objects and Escape Game. The game includes the following things like Entertaining Riddles, Tricky Logical Problems, and Brain Trainers that will surely blow up your mind. Furthermore, the game is designed to give you a chance to see or test your logical thinking. There are over 100 challenging rooms and escaping from each one is compulsory. All rooms are different and fully furnished with items.

Fun Escape Room: Brain Games and Logic Puzzles Walkthrough

Fun Escape Room Puzzles is a free-to-play video game that features over 100 doors and floors fully loaded with tricky teasers and riddles to hone your skills. When playing the game, your goal is to find out untold hidden objects in a strange house where it seems the protagonist has been trapped and won’t be released until he solves all tricky puzzles. Therefore, we jump in to help you get free from a strange house using Fun Escape Room Brain Games and Logic Puzzles Walkthrough Guide.

How to Play Fun Escape Room Puzzles?

Like other Hidden Object games, you use a point-and-click interface to interact with the room and objects. Although the game doesn’t share a list of objects you have to find, but still you should use your wit to discover objects and use them to open the door. Keep in mind that without completing the first level, you can’t jump to the second; therefore, use Fun Escape Room Walkthrough if you feel puzzles difficult to solve.

Collect Rewards

The most beautiful feature of the game is its “Daily Reward” system that keeps you awarding coins. On the first day you will receive up to 10 coins, while on the second day the coins will be increased and on the 7th day, you may receive a treasure box with over 100 coins. To claim rewards in Fun Escape Room Puzzles, you just need to hit the claim button. Are you ready to solve all challenging puzzles? Let’s get started with the Fun Escape Room Walkthrough:

Level 1

The first room in itself is a tutorial level that is designed to teach you how to play the Fun Escape Room Puzzles video game. So, the room you are standing in is pretty cool and holds a variety of stuff like a huge clock, a briefcase, and a locker fixed with a door. To complete the Fun Escape Room Level 1, you have to follow the instructions given below.

Open the briefcase to read the note and open the door by merely entering the passcode “752” to the locker.

Level 2

Welcome to the second room where a wardrobe awaits you. You don’t need to do anything except for collecting a film from a drawer and place it on a projector.

  • Collect a film from a drawer and enter the projector to reveal the passcode “3724.”
  • In case you are not picking up the film, then you should drag it from there to the project and tap on the project to run it.
  • Enter the code to the locker and open the door to escape.

Level 3

Do you know? The completion of each level will leave you +10 coins that you can use to reveal hidden objects you feel difficult to find. To find Fun Escape Room Puzzles Level 3, you have to follow the given instructions:

  • Drag the hammer from the floor to the statue and break it to get a key.
  • Use the key to open the locker above the wardrobe to collect tooth gears.
  • Adjust all tooth gears to bring them in working position and open the door.

Level 4

The fourth room comes with a new puzzle to solve. This time, the game features many devices to deal with and open the door.

  • Surely, you have noticed the wire is faulty and you must fix it using the tape available on the shelf.
  • Drag the tape to the wire to fix the sparks and tap the machine kept on the table.
  • Without lifting your finger, your task is to fill all squares. Once done, the door will open.

Level 5

There is an old vault, a trash bin, and a door that you must open to escape. If you think out of the box, then solving any puzzle would be a big deal for you anymore.

  • Tap the trash bin to remove its lid and drag the dynamite to the vault.
  • Drag the classic phone to discover a lighter and bring it close to the vault and burn the dynamite to make a blast.
  • Upon opening, the vault reveals a mini-game that you should play to make a way out that is only possible if you bring all elements to their accurate positions.

Level 6

After reaching level 6, you would realize that the difficulty level has started to increase. You don’t need to worry because brings all possible solutions to your palm.

  • Head to the wall and click the poster to play a mini-game. Here your ultimate goal is to drag the dots to untangle the lines.
  • Once done, the door will open to let you go to the next room.

Level 7

It seems rooms are repeating themselves with different decorations and furniture. No worries, you just keep your focus on finding solutions. To find the answer, you have to deal with three to four objects.

  • Firstly, pick up a cutter to cut the wire that stops the fan.
  • Drag a crowbar and open the cupboard available below the fan.
  • Bring a plate of cheese out of the cupboard to the table. Pick up a piece of cheese and offer it to the rat. Wait until the rat eats and reveals a paper with a puzzle.
  • The answer to Fun Escape Room Puzzles Level 09 is “Cloud.”

Level 8

At level 8, a table holds a piece of meat and a man-eating plant. You should be careful and find any help before completing Fun Escape Room Puzzles Level 8, kidding!

  • Firstly, you must open the cupboard above the wardrobe to drag a cookie for the plant. Offer a cookie to the plant and wait for a while unless it throws a paper holding a passcode “8357”.
  • Enter the code to open a briefcase laid above the wardrobe that reveals a mini-game to play.
  • Your ultimate goal is to rotate the rings to correct their positions.
  • Once done, the door will open to the next room.

Level 9

Level 9 is easier than you expected. You only have to find six triangles to open the door.

  • Head to the main wall and tap on the poster.
  • Find six triangles by merely tapping the red buttons to escape.

Level 10

As level 10th starts, you find yourself in a mess where things are spread across the room randomly. You aren’t supposed to clean the room, you are invited here to solve a tricky puzzle and get rid of all problems using your brain.

  • Bring a knife out from below the table and cut the pillow to collect a weight stone.
  • Tap the hat to discover the 2nd weight stone while the third-weight stone is available next to the cat.
  • Drag all stones one by one to the cage and try to open the gate to reveal a clue.
  • Read the puzzle and find the solution yourself first. If you get failed, then here are the answer “Stars.


Fun Escape Room Puzzles offers exquisite graphics and beautiful soundtracks that keep you engaged for endless hours of fun. Solve all challenging puzzles and get rid of all problems to reach the end. There are over 100 levels available and we will keep updating the article regularly. Finding the solution to each puzzle in itself is fun and will teach you a lot of things, including finding the solution to the puzzle and searching the draw. Furthermore, only tapping the object may not work, you have to drag the object to perform any action. Besides, you aren’t allowed to see how many levels the game has, as well as you can’t jump back to play previous levels. Once you pass the level, it’s over and won’t be back until you reset the game progress.

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