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Dream Escape: Room Escape Game, developed by Jusha, is a Puzzle, Adventure, and Single-player Hidden Object video game. The game takes you on an unforgettable journey where something suspicious is happening around the corner. Users of both Android and iOS devices can experience the beautiful blend of emotion, suspense, detective, and drama game elements. In the game, players’ ultimate goal is to unravel the truth of dreams when finding hidden objects to solve tricky puzzles.


The story follows a character whose distant uncle has been passed away. The protagonist has inherited the properties, including a wooden house deep in the mountains and rich forests. After that, the protagonist starts to suffer from nightmares every night, wherein abdominal monsters are constantly trying to approach the character. It seems something creepy has happened in the wooden house; therefore, the character decided to investigate the scene and dig secrets behind the scenes.

How to Play Dream Escape: Room Escape?

It works similar to other Hidden Object games, where you need to find the hidden objects and utilize them to solve tricky puzzles. It has several chapters, and each one offers a different location that comes with a series of things you need to find to reach the end. The game starts with a tutorial that teaches you how to discover and interact with items to proceed with the storyline, and it will end soon once you learn how to deal with the game.

Hidden Object Gameplay

Following the footsteps of other Hidden Object Puzzle games, it features a first-person narrative and allows you to experience the surrounding environment from the protagonist’s eyes. Furthermore, an inventory has been placed on the right side where items you find will be added to use later whenever you need. A hint system is also added to get help when you have stuck anywhere, but keep in mind that one hint may cost you in-game coins. So, keep your focus on earning coins and use them to unlock clues.

Storyline – Nightmares

Dream Escape starts with a character traveling to a wooden house inherited by his uncle, who passed away. Since then, the character has been suffering from the nightmare he once shared with his trustworthy doctor. Upon discussing with doctors, the character decided to go into the house to investigate the case and figure out why he is suffering from nightmares repeatedly.

Dream Escape Room Escape Walkthrough

You assume the role of Philip Carter, who finally reached the wooden house and was ready to investigate the scene to discover the source of nightmares. He goes home in the evening, and it seems the doctor hasn’t arrived yet. It’s raining time, and the character decides to find a way to get into the house to avoid the rain. To enter the house, he needs your help to find the key first. Read our Dream Escape Walkthrough to find all solutions and answers to solve all puzzles.

Open the Door

The protagonist reaches the wooden house in the evening and falls in concern because the doctor hasn’t arrived yet. Philip Carter needs your help to get into the house, but he has to find the key. Read Dream Escape Walkthrough to learn how to find the key and get into the house.

Note: Before starting the game, you should learn about the “Prompt” system that highlights the object you are searching for to complete the puzzle.

  • There’s a small stick available forth the main door; get the stick and add it to your inventory.
  • Head to the plant pot kept near the entrance to collect a small shovelhead.
  • Tap the small stick and then shovel to combine in the workshop to get a big one.

  • Discover a piece of soil on the right side that seems a bit different from other places. Select the shovel to dig the land and collect old photos from there.

  • Analyze the old photos to discover the passcode that you need to open the letterbox fixed on the left side of the door.

  • Enter the code (1932) and get a glass panel that will add to your inventory.

  • Tap the window on the left side, where you may discover lots of colored dots on the glass. Use the glass panel to find the clue as shown in the image and move ahead to discover the key.

  • A box is kept near the door on the right side, where you have to set the color following the pattern you found on the window to open the box and get a key.

As you obtain the key, the doctor named Eros will reach on the spot, and a discussion starts between both characters. Use the key to open the door and get into the house as the discussion ends.

Investigate the House to get a Letter

Now, you are in the house where finding hidden objects and using them to solve tricky puzzles are your ultimate job. The house is fully furnished, and lots of stuff are kept beautifully to its surrounding.

  • You can see a letter above the lamp, but the height is too much. Therefore, you have to find a way to obtain the letter.
  • Near the sofa chair, you can discover a box kept on the floor. Tap the box and set the following items following the dance movements: Circle, Triangle, Star, and Heart. As the box opens, you can get Canned Dog Food.

  • Select the canned dog food from the inventory and pour it into the dog’s food pot to collect a chess piece as he leaves the spot.

  • Now, tap the chessboard and add the piece there from your inventory. Set the directions as given in the image to get a key as the game ends.

  • Select the key, open the piano available on the left side, and play it to collect a wooden stick.

  • Use the stick to bring the letter down from the lamp and open it to obtain a record.

Find Record Player

  • Tapping on the left arrow may lead you to the dining room, where you can discover a Cookie Mold.

  • Once again, tap the right arrow to get into the kitchen and collect a knife from there. Collect an empty pot from the stove and keep it in your inventory.

  • Open the cupboard the cabinet above the basin to get a water pipe and connect it with others below the basin and tap the basin to let the water run.

  • Note the number written on the basin and use them to set the pressure on the meter (806).

  • Come back to the dining room, select the knife and cut the sack available on the floor to get a closed shell.

  • Select the empty pot from the inventory, fill it with water, burn the stole, keep the pot on it, and add the closed-shell to get a pearl.

  • Go back to the dining room, where you can discover an octopus with a missing eye. Place the pearl there and get a biology book.

  • Collect a Quaint Wooden Box from near the sack after placing the book there and solve a jigsaw puzzle to obtain a fuse.

  • Go back to the kitchen, head to the oven, connect the fuse, open the door, keep the cookie mold inside, and turn the button on.

  • Wait for a while and get four delicious cookies to your inventory.
  • Now, head to the cabinet on the left side, add all four cookies there following their images in the background and obtain a Triangular Wood Block.

  • Click on the fridge available in the dining room, use the triangular woodblock to open it for a key.

  • Use the key from the inventory to unlock the door available on the right side of the showcase.

Room in Dining Area

After unlocking the door, go through it to reach a new room where your first job would be to remove the cover from the mirror and examine the handprints on it.

  • Collect the black cloth from the floor and head to the wooden box where two rotten apples are available.

  • Select the knife and use it to cut apples in half for batteries. On the next wooden board, the game features a puzzle that you must solve by finding two identical images and collecting a remote control from inside it.

  • Tap the remote control and add batteries by merely dragging it to the workshop and hitting the combine button.

  • Go to the kitchen, select the black cloth and make it wet using the basin. Now, use the wet cloth to clean the mirror to see four strings of numbers: 037,005,101,023.

  • Now, tap the TV on the right side and use the remote control from the inventory to turn the TV on.

  • Run the channels following the numbers found on the mirror to discover the passcode (5427).
  • Leave the room after collecting a Record Player kept on a stool next to the dressing table.
  • Below the fridge in the dining area, you may discover a vault that you must open. Enter the four-digit code (2745) you found watching the TV to unlock it for a crowbar.

  • Go back to the TV, select the crowbar and use it to open the wooden box and obtain an insecticide from there.

  • Leave the room to reach the dining area, head to the showcase, select the insecticide and spray it on the cockroach available under the table to get a stylus.

  • Tap the record player, connect the stylus with it and add the record to play the music.

As the music ends, the conversation between both characters will start discussing the strange sound. You should read the dialogues carefully because sometimes they can display clues and tell you what to do next. Soon, the game takes you to the earlier position where you have started. Upon reaching there, Eros confirms that the door on the right has been opened, but there’s nothing. Furthermore, two doors are locked, and you must help them find a way to open them.

Second Floor

  • Take stairs to reach the new room, where you must use your detective skills to discover hidden objects and utilize them to solve tricky puzzles. Go into the room and collect a note from above the cabinet.

  • Head to the bed, where you can discover an electric shock handle. Tap the white coat to collect a golden pointer that you can use to repair the clock fixed with the drawer.

  • Now, your goal is to discover the time (10:30) and set it on the clock fixed with the drawer to open it and obtain a handle.

  • Tap the cupboard and solve the puzzle to open it using three buttons for a hammer’s head.

  • Select the stick from the inventory and combine it with the hammer’s head to make it complete.

  • Leave the room for a while to discover the damaged area on the wall, select the hammer and make a hit over there to get a magnet.

  • Now, tap the red cloth to unravel a digital locker and collect straw from its right side.

  • Go into the room, use the magnet to bring a key out from under the bed, and use it to open the door on the left side.

Second Room

  • Come out from the first room, select the key, and open the second door available on the left side. Turn on the lamp to light up the room and start your investigation to find clues.

  • Get a wrench from below the pillow and tap the board available on the table. Obtain a new pencil from there and set the colors on the drawers following the note available in your inventory to open it.

  • Set “Dead” on the drawer to open it for a wafer. Now, leave the second room to enter the first, tap the astray and keep a wafer to open it for a half gem.

  • Go back to the second room, head to the drawer to get an electric shock head, and combine it with Electric Shock Handle to get a Taser.

  • Head to the fish pot, select the Taser and use it to bring a necklace with half a gem out of the pot.

  • Tap the stool and open it using the wrench to collect a glass cutter.

  • Use the glass cutter to remove the second half gem from the necklace. Now, connect both pieces of gems to obtain hexagonal gems.

  • Go close to the boat, add the hexagonal gem to get the key, and leave the second room.

  • Head to the front door, use the key to open the door and get into another room.

Dream Escape: Room Escape Chapter 2 – Coming Soon


Dream Escape Room Escape Game has a thrilling storyline and the environment as well. We saw the protagonist navigating the house along a Doctor to unravel the dark secrets throughout the game. The graphics are pretty impressive, and the soundtracks are thrilling. Therefore, before jumping into the game, you should think twice because it has several chapters and offers extended gameplay. The absence of item lists takes the difficulty level to the next level. That means it is pretty tough to judge what to find next because the item you have seen in the first room can solve the puzzle in the second room. However, the experience with Dream Escape was fantastic, and walkthroughs.net will keep updating the following parts of the game regularly.

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