Bitlife Update: Harley Quinn Challenge Guide


Nowadays, Bitlife video game has been gaining a lot of growth without any break. In short, it serves as one of the best Life Simulators on mobile devices. Though the game has released in 2018, it has seen a massive player base in 2020, and now it is acknowledged as one of the best simulators. With the increasing fame, developers are fully active and releasing major updates continuously to add new stuff over there. The reason behind releasing updates is to keep players engaged in the game’s growth.

Code Merge Bitlife

Do you know? Recently, the developers have introduced a code merge to the beta version of Bitlife. If you aren’t aware, then let me clear this first. Any updates that developers make prefer to release or test on the iOS version first, instead of Android. This is because, both versions are designed using separate codes; therefore, developers add a series of new challenges to the game for the players to complete those tasks for rewards. Furthermore, developers have released new challenges this week, and here is a BitLife Guide on how to complete them.

Introduction of Harly Quinn Challenge

Besides, it is a fabulous life simulator where you can become whatever you want, including Doctor, Actor, Prisoner, and Mayor, as well as President. Becoming president isn’t an easy task, but may help you learn how to become President in Bitlife. If you’re not interested in becoming a president, then you should learn how to become a prisoner. Let me tell you, becoming a prisoner is more difficult than becoming a president. As a prisoner, you have to break prisons by avoiding security guards to catch you.

How to Complete Harley Quinn Challenge in Bitlife?

You would be happy to know that Bitlife Harley Quinn Challenge is live now and it comes with a variety of tasks that you should complete at any cost to get amazing rewards. Here are a few requirements that you should keep in mind whenever you come to complete Harley Quinn Challenge:

  • Born as a Female in the USA.
  • Do Practice Gymnastics
  • Work as a Psychiatrist
  • Use Croquet Mallet to Rob a Bank
  • Escape the Prison in Harly Quinn Challenge

Start a New Life as a Female in the USA

The first task is easier than having a cup of tea. Furthermore, your first step is to start your new life as a female character and take birth in the USA.

Choose Psychology as Your Major Subject in High School

After taking birth, as a female, in the USA, your next objective is to become a Psychiatrist. For that, you must ensure that you have select psychology as your major subject in High School. Go to medical college, but before admitting ensure that your smartness meter is high. If it isn’t, then you should visit the library regularly to make yourself smart.

Join a Gymnastic Team

Next to that, you must join the gymnastics team in your School. You can’t join the team unless you have high athleticism. For that, we suggest you in BitLife Harley Quinn Challenge Guide to the gym regularly.

Rob a Bank, but before Select Croquet Mallet

Before robbing a bank, you should visit the game’s Activities Section and choose the “Bank Robbery.” Here, you can select from a series of choices, including the following: Weapons, Banks, and more. Before leaving the selection screen, ensure you have selected Croquet Mallet as your weapon to rob the bank.

Escape the Prison in Harley Quinn Challenge

For sure, robbing a bank may put you behind jail bars. Therefore, you should be ready to escape whenever you get caught. Escaping from the prisoner may involve you playing a series of mini-games. When playing the game, your ultimate goal is to escape the guard by merely luring/trapping him to reach the exit point.

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